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Complimentary Interior Design Services

Did you know that our friendly staff of interior designers is here to help you on your next home project?  We work with clients in our showroom and in-home to help select the right colors, fabrics and sizes of furniture and decor for the space.

About our Interior Designers:

  • All degreed interior designers with professional qualifications.
  • Years of experience in assisting residential clients with contemporary decor.
  • Available to you free of charge.

Our staff are always prepared to assist.  It's part of what makes our job so fun -- working with our fabulous clients to design the perfect living environment!

Interior Design Services

Space planning and room layout.

Think of your home as a blank canvas.  Intimidated?  Don't be!  We know how important furniture size and placement is to the ultimate outcome of your home design project. Our designers can help you select from multiple options and can assist in understanding the trade-offs inherent in each.  

Fabric, Finish and Color Selection.

Leather or fabric?  Wood or glass?  Walnut or Mahogany?  The options are endless when selecting paint, flooring, furniture and decor.  Our designers can assist in selecting a comprehensive color palette and appeals to your sensibilities.  Looking for edgy and modern?  We can suggest options. Seeking a warm, homey feel but with some design style?  We've got plenty of ideas!  Let's start the conversation early in the process so that the finished product can be great!

Furniture and Art Selection.

Often our work of assisting clients in the selection of appropriate furniture, decor, art and lighting comes at the end of the project.  Whatever point you are at in the process, we are here to help.  Let us know the look and style you are going for.  If it's in the contemporary, modern, casual or even transitional styles, we would be happy to help.  If you're style is more traditional, we would be happy to refer one of our interior design partners. 


Lighting Design Services

We also provide complimentary lighting design services.  From our earliest days, Thingz has been the Valley's premier provider of contemporary lighting including custom specified system and fixtures.  Let us help you today.  Our services include:

Lighting Layers as Fundamental Design Element.

Lighting design, for us, revolves around creating a flexible lighting plan that is based on layers.  What are light layers? These are the multiple sources of lighting in a room that enable you to create different moods and setting depending on the current need.  Looking for a bright, energetic feel?  Need a softer, relaxed setting?  We know how to design with this in mind to provide you with the lighting flexibility you need.

Light Output Levels for Comfortable Living.

How much light is enough without being too much?  Our lighting designers understand the need for ensuring appropriate lumen output within a lighting scheme.  Trust us to create options that provide the right amount of light ... without overdoing it!

Color Temperature that is Perfect for your Home.

Color temperature is extremely important and also widely misunderstood.  Our design staff can ensure that the color temperature associated with your lighting plan matches your design requirements.  

Specifying the Right Lighting System and Fixtures.

Our designers use your lighting requirements and interior design needs to assist in selecting the perfect lighting systems and elements for you project.  From selecting the appropriate chandelier to specifying the entire lighting layout, we are here to help!


And the best part?  Our design services are offered free of charge!

Interesting in learning more?  Contact us today or come into the showroom!

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