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Tufted Furniture: Ancient Roots, Contemporary Feel

Posted on September 30, 2015

Tufting was originally designed to keep the padding within a heavy outer garment from sliding down inside and leaving the shoulders and upper body covered by only the thin outer shell. By putting tufts in the garment it was able to lock the padding and insulating materials in place making the garment much more effective.

The same idea was applied to furniture, originally for mattresses to keep the stuffing from shifting around inside the shell. Again it was very effective and is still used today. The idea of tufted furniture design became a style translated to chairs, sofas, headboards and other upholstered furniture. Tufted contemporary furniture is as popular today as it was in a more traditional time.

Tufted furniture has been around for centuries and is achieved by stitching through the layers of fabric, filling and padding. Heavy thread is then secured on the surface of the furniture by means of a button or a knot. It’s pulled tight and tightens the outer fabric giving tufted furniture that dimpled look. The raised portion of the fabric is the tuft. It’s often done in a diamond pattern but can found with a single dimple giving visual interest to an otherwise flat surface.

Tufting is a timeless style that says comfort and sophistication. Tufting highlights the unique properties of the fabric used and ads dimension with high to low spots, creating shadows, texture and visual interest while highlighting the unique properties of the fabric used. The dimples make microfiber look soft and billowy while leather becomes rich and opulent. They add texture to even simple fabrics making them seem modern and yet timeless in their simplicity.

Contemporary tufted furniture design can be found throughout today’s interior décor. If you want to make a statement in the bedroom a popular choice is the Krustallos Tufted Bed at Thingz.  The typical fabric colored buttons are replaced with Swarovski crystals making it a stunning center piece to any bedroom. In the living spaces, the Ava Sofa with its clean Mid Century Modern styling and tufted exterior makes it at home in any contemporary design. Take a tufted chair in dark leather and it fits snuggly in an office. Take that same tufted chair and wrap it in a light and breezy linen and you can find it in a sophisticated parlor. Don’t forget to accent your furniture with tufted throw pillows.

Krustallos Bed

Ava Sofa

Ancient in its roots, yet contemporary in its looks and feel, contemporary tufted furniture makes a room come alive with a character all its own.


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