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Trendy Spring Colors in Contemporary Homes

Posted on March 22, 2010

Back in the days of Frank Lloyd Wright and the other pioneers of the modern style of interior design, the movement was represented in homes by the limited blending of white and black. Mostly, it was white that dominated. The monotony of color was pierced by some black or chrome material with crisp, sharp lines to break the blinding starkness. That decorating flair was necessary, of course, as it was the element that spelled the difference between sterility and sophistication. Minimalism was the name of the game and while the concept now remains essential in the contemporary approach at modernism, the color wheel has edged its way in through the passing of the years. The color white continues to be a key component in many modern homes, but bolder colors such as lime and tangerine are now welcome, even if usually appearing in fits and bursts, frequently a singular splash of color that produces a dramatic contrast in the room’s palette.

Decorating for Spring

With the assumption of a decorator’s steadfastness about the background neutral color, it is much easier to produce seasonal color palettes to infuse into an existing room. As we get closer to spring, for instance, there is usually a desire to inject, if not completely mirror, the atmosphere that the season brings. Depending on your background color, you can use various shades of blue and green. Many find organic colors to appear very representative of what’s going on outside. The normal spring hues come in varying shades of blue, red, green and yellow. Under these color categories, some of the popular ones for spring are lemon yellow, lavender, slate gray, fuchsia, Lucite green, and palace blue.

The 2010 Color Trends

For those who want to be fashionable, you can consult interior design expert institutions for their color trend forecasts. For instance, some time ago Pantone, which is an international authority in color standards not only for interior design but for other design industries as well, released PANTONE VIEW home+interiors 2010, a tool that allows designers to pick, mix and match the correct shades for the products they will introduce this year. It is essentially a binder that contains color swatches, visual inspirations, recommended combinations, etc. This forecast is essential to design professionals and amateurs alike. Having said that, Pantone may be the global say-so, but color trend forecasts may also come from other sources, such as Farrow & Ball, a multi-national paint and wallpaper manufacturer. Farrow & Ball has predicted four color schemes (Industrial, Aquatic, Urban Decay and Glitz and Glamour) to become hits in 2010.

Trendy Spring Colors

Based on Pantone’s Color Palettes for 2010, you can’t go wrong decorating for spring with the color turquoise. It is actually forecasted as the favorite for this year. It works especially well for spring with its suggestion of water and warmer weather. It goes well with most neutrals, but it pairs really well with chocolate. A simple accent such as can make a wealth of difference in the atmosphere of a room. You can also try going for a specific palette, such as “Resourceful”, which contains aqua sky, golden ochre and mauve orchid or “Transformations” with cognac, lavender gray and silvered pink.

Spring is about rebirth. It’s the time to shake things up and fill your home with renewed vibrancy. You can definitely suffuse your rooms with life by adding the hottest spring colors this year.

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