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The Cascade Chandelier | Phoenix Home & Garden magazine – April 2010

Posted on April 06, 2010

It’s always difficult to select just one item to showcase! In the April 2010 issue of Phoenix Home & Garden magazine we are featuring the Cascade Chandelier which is a triple-layered, customizable, fabric-covered chandelier. As we point out in the layout, this chandelier is wonderfully flexible in terms of its design. Our clients are able to select from a wide selection of fabrics to ensure that this lighting fixture will work well with their existing color palette.

The Cascade Chandelier also comes in several sizes allowing you to select the scale that works best for your lighting project.  There are a number of fabrics to choose from and the overall length of this chandelier can be customized by added or eliminating sections of stems.  The ceiling fixture comes with 36″ of stems but more can be ordered if your interior design or lighting design requires additional length.

This unique chandelier can be used for a variety of lighting applications.  We particularly like to use this light fixture over a dining table given the lighting characteristics.  The Cascade chandelier provides great downward tak lighting perfect for illuminating your dining or kitchen table.  This chandelier also provides excellent ambient light through the sides and top to help you create the perfect atmosphere for whatever your lighting application.  It also works particularly well as a interior entryway light in a foyer.

This chandelier is unique in that its full range of fabric choices can allow you to customize this for a perfect fit with the color palette of your interior design project.  Using different fabrics you can make a more transitional-styled lighting design or you can select color to transform this into a more modern or contemporary light fixture.

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