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Contemporary Home Décor Update on a Budget

Posted on April 07, 2010
In these economically troubled times, redecorating your home may not be at the top of your spending priorities. However, many people thrive on change and having to look at and live with the same interior setup can get boring and frustrating. There are those who would be satisfied to rearrange their furniture to achieve change, but if you want to really give your home a fresh new look, the following are easy budget ideas to spruce up your home décor in an inexpensive way:

1. Rotate art. Have several pieces of framed pictures at hand. Two or three can be easily stored within the room. They can be originals, prints, photographs, even your own work. Just make sure that they all match the general look of your interior. Depending on the season or your mood, you can switch them around. Anytime you’re in the room, you can guarantee that you’ll be looking at something that really appeals to you. Unless you have yet to buy the pictures or spend on framing them, this decorating move can be done at zero cost.  In our showrooms in Tempe and Scottsdale, we always have a selection of new artwork.  Thingz specializes in contemporary art including wall art and sculpture.  Many of our art design houses are able to produce handmade art inexpensively allowing you to add art to your home withour breaking the bank.

2. Make a fun wall art composition. You can look over your own stuff and pick out items that could be grouped together to hang on one portion of your wall. It could include anything unique you may have, such as masks, bandannas, fans, purses, plates, etc. The sky’s the limit. Make sure that there’s a theme or some rhyme and rhythm to your collection to guarantee a cohesive group. Other than on nails or hooks, you don’t have to spend anything to do this.  We love this look in all styles of home and can be done to great effect if your home has an interior design theme that is modern or contemporary.  Just keep the look clean and neat … and have fun!

Wall Art Collage

3. Invest in inexpensive storage pieces. Furniture designed for storage can even give your room a theme or alter its ambience completely. Baskets, for example, can be arranged attractively in corners, hung from walls, placed on table tops, etc. If you know where to shop, you can get them dirt cheap. You can even make it your mission to only get them from garage sales and have fun in the process of acquiring them as well.  Of course if you’re looking to spend a bit more for the perfect piece, we have designed custom storage pieces and even a contemporary murphy bed for our clients.

4. Replace existing pieces you are tired of with something more fascinating. Little accent changes can create a big decorating impact. It can be anything from accessories such as pillows, candlesticks or throws to actual fixtures like faucets,  curtain rods or door knobs. A little addition here and a little replacement there can go a long way in revamping your room and assuaging your hunger for change.

5. Jazz up your lighting. You can make subtle changes all around or simply invest in that one lighting fixture that will make a strong focal point and a fascinating conversation piece. For less drastic measures, you can simply change the shades of your existing lamps. If the budget is really very tight, you can go for candles.  And if you have a little bit more to spend, think about changing out your least attractive light fixtures in high traffic areas of your home.  We are always surprised to find client of our at Thingz that wait years and year to replace a ghastly original light fixture.  Let us know your budget and will will find a great light fixture or chandelier that matches your style, taste and budget.

6. Go for a new color theme. You can start by painting your walls. If you want to keep your wall color neutral, you can paint furniture such as bookcases or tables instead. The thing with paint is that you can dare to go for really bold, modern colors. The venture can pay off and if it doesn’t, it is only paint after all. It will be easy enough to paint over.

7. Bring in plants. Greenery is an addition that can make a big difference. Potted plants can really freshen up a room. Flowers can also make attractive color contrasts or simply add a splash of vibrant color to a room. Plants are generally inexpensive and they do not cost at all if they’re coming from your own garden.

8. Get organized. Do you realize how rejuvenated a room’s look can get if it goes through a thorough clean up. Clutter will disappear. Sorting can also lead to unexpectedly pleasant rearrangements. When you’re done, your room will definitely look fresher and brighter.

Being able to redecorate is a distinct pleasure. Do not let the lack of finances hamper your desire to rejuvenate your living spaces. Redecorating need not be a big production. In fact, you’ll find that redecorating on a tight budget is even more of a creative accomplishment. You can start with these easy and affordable ways and see them breathe new life into your room.

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