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The Swankiest Hotel in Scottsdale!

Posted on April 10, 2010

s true connoisseurs of contemporary design and modern architecture, we at Thingz cannot help but get excited with new places that appeal to our unique interior design sensibilities.  I was particularly struck when I recently visited the relatively new Scottsdale W Hotel with it’s chic contemporary feel and sophisticated class.  Reviews of the Scottsdale W Hotel have been overwhelmingly good. As soon as it opened for business, it quickly established itself as a hip and trendy haunt with its impressive pool and bar scene, as well as its other features, physical and otherwise.

Its architecture alone is inspired. With its cool flowing water elements and artsy two-storey natural stone wall, you imbibe a sense of Zen. This offers both a spiritual and fashionable allure. The hotel is a magnet for young, energetic people and yet the promise of serenity and quiet relaxation comprise two of its selling points. That’s not to say that a sizzling nightlife is missing. The hotel just manages to cater to the varying needs of its clientele. Obviously, it has managed the art of fusion.

Scottsdale W Hotel

Going back to its architecture, the hotel looks very streamlined and modern with its predominantly glass exterior. It also offers a modern twist to the overall appearance of the hotel with its movable blinds. This novelty allows the hotel to seemingly change its look constantly. Incidentally, the abundance of glass in its exterior shell also means that the hotel features many floor-to-ceiling windows, which afford guests a magnificent view of the desert and the city. Notwithstanding the abundance of glass, the hotel also boasts of terraces and balconies. The hotel celebrates art by peppering its premises with numerous artistic works. Looking very contemporary and sophisticated, the Scottsdale W Hotel is all about clean lines and a fresh outlook.

One of the Scottsdale W Hotel’s prides is its beach-themed pool. The hotel features its adaptation of an infinity pool. It dares to sport an infinity pool in the middle of a dessert. That’s why the Scottsdale W Hotel is a veritable oasis. Certainly, it takes risks, which fortunately seem to have all paid off. Young and old alike flock to that pool to enjoy the water and its state-of-the-art design.

The Scottsdale W Hotel is also furnished with the signature W beds. These feather beds are famous for their pillowtop mattress, 350-thread-count sheets, down-filled comforter and pillows. Besides the amazingly comfortable beds, rooms also contain a cozy divan or lounger. They’re perfect for taking advantage of the excellently hi-tech in-room entertainment offerings. All the bathrooms feature chic elements such as Shoji doors, crushed glass flooring, frosted shower doors, and a natural stone vanity. The Scottsdale W Hotel’s best suite features added perks such as a daytime cabana, a spacious balcony lavishly decorated and complete with seating, a separate entertainment area with ambient lighting and drapes, a rainforest shower and stone bench, a separate half-bathroom for company, etc.

Another really hip thing about the Scottsdale W Hotel is its conviction to be as eco-friendly as possible. Various public areas are partly-illumined with candles and fire features make use of clean burning ethanol gas. The rooms are equipped with sensors that regulate temperature control and lighting based on whether they are occupied. Toilets and showers are low flow while lighting consists of the more energy-conserving fluorescent bulbs. Being green also reflects on many of the operation practices of the hotel.

Edgy, contemporary and sophisticated, the Scottsdale W Hotel is clearly a fine example of a modern luxury hotel.  If you are looking for contemporary design inspiration for your interior design project, stop by the Scottsdale W … after you come by Thingz of course!

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