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Camelview Optima: The Benchmark for Luxury Condo Living

Posted on April 17, 2010

Already successful with its condominium ventures in Phoenix, Optima then decided to carry out the tradition with Scottsdale. Optima condominiums are known for luxurious sophistication, beautiful architecture and gracious urban living. Camelview Optima has remained true to the name it carries. A now popular landmark, the development evidently comprises some of the most architecturally fascinating properties in Scottsdale. With the buildings’ abundantly glass exterior, they look striking from near or far. Modern and elegant, Camelview Optima has become the benchmark in opulent living in the area.

Our interior design staff spend a lot of time with the residents at Camelview Optima.  No surprise, we have assisted in decorating, furnishing and lighting many of these cool, contemporary condos.  Right smack in the center of downtown Scottsdale, this dynamic medium-rise structure provides residents with an exclusive address and an ideal location. The condominiums mirror exquisite tastes and provide wonderful living spaces. It is also situated close to most of Scottsdale’s frequented commercial districts such as the Fashion Square. Camelview Optima is designed to satisfy both those who prefer to stay in and those who like going out. Almost anything you require as to dining and shopping or entertainment and recreation is practically just a stone’s throw away.

Camelview Optima - Scottsdale

Camelview Optima is an amazing fusion of modern features and classic appeal. The buildings are highlighted by freshly attractive private terraces and charming rooftop gardens. Units afford dwellers a gorgeous view, thanks to their floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Desert and majestic mountain ranges during the day and a glorious nighttime sky in the evening, the panorama viewed from within the condominiums are always captivating. Vice versa, the condominiums themselves are also quite the eye candy when viewed from the outside.

The sleek architecture and the general sophisticated design offer a resort-style ambience. Camelview Optima allows you to feel as though you’re living in your dream destination. With the various amenities available to residents and their guests, there are multiple options when it comes to recreation and relaxation. Any stroll you may want to take is sure to be done in a lovely, and more importantly, secure setting. The feeling of privilege and luxury never quite leaves you while you are in Camelview Optima.

Camelview Optima has more than seven hundred units in eleven attractive towers. It offers superb landscaping with lush greenery to combat the Arizona desert heat plus the heat that emanates from the concrete and metal elements in the structure. The complex really does foster a gorgeous community setup with indoor and outdoor pools and spas, a complete and up-to-date fitness center, several game courts, elegant water features, a number of convenient businesses, etc. These public spaces all reflect the sophisticated modern appeal of the complex with their state-of-the-art lighting and fashionable interior décor.

Everything really is eye-catching and fresh. Units have open floor plans and come with contemporary light fixtures and other modern components, such as cupboards, counters, and flooring. The terraces are delightfully landscaped and are automatically catered to with regards to their water and fertilizer needs.

Camelview Optima is certainly a product of excellent taste, progressive sensibilities, and ingenious planning. Whether in architecture, interior design, landscaping, community development, et cetera, it definitely raises the bar for standards in modern luxury living here in Arizona.

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