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Customizing Is the Answer: How to design your own custom furniture

Posted on April 21, 2010

If you’re the type who is very particular about design or the type who wants her furniture to be absolutely unique, then custom furniture is the way to go for you. If you just can’t seem to find something that you’re looking for, customized is also the answer. If you’re creative and prefer to add your own twist to furniture, customization gives you the freedom to express and put your mark on pieces.

If you fall into one of these categories and you like contemporary design, you are in luck.  Thingz offers full custom (and semi-custom) furniture as well as our “normal” contemporary furniture lines.  We offer custom furniture including casegoods such as wood bedroom, living room and dining furniture or glass and metal furniture as well.

Custom Bed - Line Drawing by Thingz

Custom Bed - finished project by Thingz

Going for custom furniture is usually the way to get just what you need. It’s very rare for a decorator to envision something for a room and find the exact piece ready-made. If you need to downsize, upsize, or alter an existing design in any way, you can do so by customizing. Through this method, you can get the perfect fit for your design style and for the dynamics of the room in terms of measurements and materials.

Using custom furniture certainly has many benefits. At the end of the day, it is your satisfaction that should be guaranteed. Commissioning custom furniture will allow you to specify everything from the size, materials and construction to the merest of design nuances. Executed correctly, you can certainly claim that the piece of furniture is exactly how you wanted it.  You can work with one of our Thingz interior designers or come up with your own design.  Our designers are on staff to assist you in whatever way makes sense for you.

The achievement of an aesthetic look is a pleasure, but even better, you can throw in the matter of budget for added measure. Customizing certainly allows better options if you are operating on a small budget. You can establish a budget and work with it to achieve just the look that you want. It gives more freedom for substitutions and simplifications without compromising your aesthetics. Customizing definitely works for problems encountered in the physical and financial aspects of an existing piece. It’s simply a matter of taking a good idea and modifying it to your personal standards and needs.

Using custom furniture will also guarantee that your piece is one of a kind. If you can’t stand anybody saying that he or she has the exact same piece, custom furniture is a great investment. Handcrafted custom furniture is especially unique because of the human element. Furniture builders and artisans are not like machines that can produce exact duplicates. There are always variations, subtle or otherwise, among handcrafted pieces. It definitely makes a room more interesting and impressive if the furniture in it cannot be found elsewhere. Owners also tend to be more sentimental and attached to custom furniture since it does not only represent financial investment, but the added effort of infusing their personality into it.

Entertainment Center - Line Drawing by Thingz

Custom furniture also gives the best comfort as you can fashion it to suit your body’s requirements. Ready-made furniture usually caters to the most general body type and may not be as ergonomic for people whose body types do not fall under that category. Custom furniture can actually be an investment toward good health and posture. Many of us experience aches and discomfort and do not realize that they’re originating from using furniture that are the wrong height, angle, material, etc. Using custom furniture can eradicate these trouble potentials.

If you can invest the time and effort in customizing, the advantages are definitely worthwhile.  If you want a home that is as unique, comfortable and practical as possible, custom furniture is the way to go.

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