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Just the Right Shade of Rug

Posted on May 15, 2010

It’s very rare for a home, even the most minimalist ones, not to have at least one rug on the floor. Rugs are present in most cultures and there is such a variety to choose from that they literally come in all shapes, sizes, materials and designs. They can be extremely functional or highly decorative. Certainly, they can be both simultaneously. Many rugs function to be protective.

For homes that pride themselves of beautiful floor work, rugs are placed to prevent scratches and other dings. If these homes have babies as well, rugs are also preferred to provide a buffer between crawling or falling children and the hard floor. Besides protection, rugs also offer a muting factor when it comes to the elements. They can diminish noise as well as make the room feel warmer or cozier.

When it comes to aesthetics, rugs can without a doubt amplify the attractiveness of a room’s décor. In terms of style, they can highlight, accent, build up, etc. It is definitely a very wise decorator who can manipulate the presence of a rug to function both for practicality and beauty.

For decorative purposes, it is a sad truth that many a homeowner end up settling for ready-made rugs that will do. They are attractive; they enhance the design of the room, but they are not exactly what the people concerned had been hoping for. For a room to be a decorator’s dream, the elements have to be perfect and not just adequate substitutes for what one had in mind. The size and shape should be appropriate, and the colors should be just the right shade. It is a wonderful thing to find the perfect rug ready made and available for immediate purchase in a store, but for those in a dilemma, they should not forget that they have the option of customization.

Custom color rugs are the answer for decorators in a carpet quandary.  At Thingz, we believe that being able to customize a rug to your color palette is a thrill. With this “power”, you can manipulate mood, function, style, etc. exactly to your liking. Let’s say you found a design you like, but you would rather have the rug in different colors, you could simply indicate in which shades you would prefer it to be. You can also choose to be trendy and have the rug’s colors reflect the recommendations of an established design authority such as Pantone. You can even pick out elements from your room and have the rug match them shade for shade. With custom rug colors, you can get just the look you want.

Custom Rugs from Thingz

This rug, for instance, displays bold and warm colors. It shows contrast, but also makes a solid presence in a room. It gives off a kind of warmth with the earthy colors interspersed with a bright splash of sunshine. You can imagine what kind of personality would cotton to it and what decorating style it would suit.

You can see in the following how one rug design can transform itself to change function, mood, and style just by shifting hues.

This rug has an organic and zen feel to it.

This one would make a great color accent with its eye-catching warm orange shade.

The last one, on the other hand, is a very subtle yet attractive palette. It may not be a focal piece, but it will do a good job supporting a classy and tasteful interior.

Custom color rugs are definitely a great way to exercise your creativity and to express your taste in decorating.  If you are interested in learning more about our custom rug program, please call or visit one of our showrooms to work with one our amazing interior designers.  They can help you select the correct size rug for your room, work with you to select an attractive design and then — using your existing interior color palette — help you select the perfect color combination to create a custom rug that fits perfectly within your existing interior design!

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