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Custom Furniture: Creating Your Own Entertainment Center

Posted on May 22, 2010

Home entertainment has come a long way since the television first became a household staple. As technology simplifies – or complicates, depending on the way you look at it – entertainment media, you have to keep pace with it to accommodate whatever upgrade it comes up with and allow the easy inclusion of new products in your home.

Whether in the living room, the recreation room, the family room or even the bedroom, you would not want various entertainment system components to be placed haphazardly in different locations. Most of the time, high technology equipment looks jarring in an otherwise tastefully decorated room. This is where the home entertainment center comes in.

Entertainment centers actually predate the television. As a matter of fact, the first ever built-in home entertainment center can be traced back to Frank Lloyd Wright‘s 1917 Hollyhock House in California. Back then, entertainment centers probably housed phonographs and disc records. Understandably, entertainment has evolved in a significant way in the last century or so. Nowadays, entertainment centers have to make room for such things as iPods, Blu-ray discs, and other sophisticated contraptions. In fact, some houses actually boast of elaborate home theater systems.  To keep all of your components properly organized and their wiring properly out of sight, a comprehensive entertainment center is called for. However, it’s not that easy to find a suitable entertainment center for a room or for all your equipment. The answer to such a dilemma is to create a custom entertainment center.

How do you go about creating a custom entertainment center? At Thingz, our customization process ensures customer satisfaction. First, we invite you to meet with one of our designers.  This gives you an opportunity to begin to tell us what you like and what your needs are. Remember that we can accommodate you across a range of desire. You can indicate your decorating tastes, the materials you prefer, the budget you want to work with, etc.  After that, oftentimes we will visit the pertinent space, evaluate it, and take the necessary measurements. With all the working details in place, our design team can develop with a preliminary design. The client can provide as much input into the design process as is necessary.  Our designers will often go through a number of iteration as they further refining the design.

Once the design of the piece is complete, we order our fabricators to being building the unit.  As they start to build your custom entertainment center, you can work with us in refining the details, adding the finishing touches, and ensuring that each of your needs is addressed.  Our process of customization is so meticulous that you can have your say from the very start to the actual installation of the unit. At Thingz, our goal is to ensure that there is no way that you can end up with a custom entertainment center that will not live up to your standards and expectations.

Custom entertainment centers work really well for special spaces. For instance, many homes in Arizona have special niches built specifically to house entertainment centers.  With our custom furniture capabilities, we can help you design an entertainment center to fit a specific niche and maximize your space untilization.  By installing a properly fitting entertainment center that will collect all your gadgets in one attractive, vertical area, you can effectively house your media components in a way that builds on the design of your room and creates order from chaos

Important Considerations in Designing a Custom Entertainment Center:

  • What size of entertainment center will your room accommodate?
  • What are the dimensions of your media components?  This will help determine the interior dimension requirements of your custom entertainment center.
  • What finishes will your custom wall unit utilize?  Do you prefer two-tone wood finishes?  Will the room support the use of a stainless steel accent finish?
  • How will your electrical components be stored and operate?  Do you need to add a remote control sensor to the entertainment center?
  • Will you store speakers inside the entertainment unit to hide them from site?  If so, could you utilize a speaker fabric as a door cover (see the above unit which utilizes speaker material as door panels in an effective manner)?
  • How much storage to you need?
  • How much will you utilize the wall unit or entertainment center to display art and decor?

The Thingz design team is here to lead you through this design process.  If you do decide to have a custom entertainment center built, keep in mind that you would want something that is versatile and that can keep up with advancements that will happen in entertainment media technology.  At Thingz, if you can dream it, we can build it!

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