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The Seat Belt Dining Chair

Posted on May 26, 2010

Seat Belt Dining Chair - Purple

The great thing about contemporary furniture is that there are practically no limits. The era is not defined by specific elements. The more unique, more innovative, or more unheard of something is, the better. In fact, unlikely materials and original forms that are successfully combined make great cutting edge designs. Take for instance the Seat Belt Dining Chair from Thingz. It is a very unusual product made of a steel and wood frame interwoven with lengths of cotton seat belts. The end result actually looks very fluid and sexy, without the merest hint of the industrial or mechanical flavor that the words “seat belt” would normally suggest.

Seat Belt Dining Chair - White

The brainchild of Thai contemporary designer Nuttapong Charoenkitivarakorn, the Seat Belt Dining Chair comes in the trendiest colors imaginable. The soft yet firm surface of stretched cotton straps makes a wonderful contrast with the chair’s futuristic lines. A form that usually works well with less pliant materials such as plastic, glass, or metal was, in this case, achieved with fabric, cotton at that.

The sinuous form of the Seat Belt Dining Chair may seem more attractive than practical, but it actually makes for very ergonomic seating. Bearing the winning factors of beauty and innovation, the extraordinary product is definitely a distinct favorite in the collection. The Phillips business team of Julie and Mark Phillips, along with their son Jason, has certainly further fortified its reputation for finding uncommon home furnishings that make fearless statements.

The Seat Belt Dining Chair is actually part of a more extensive collection called “The Sculpture”. Designed in 2005 by Nuttapong, it was hand-made in Thailand by local Thai villagers using scrap material from a Thai factory. Nuttapong is known for integrating influences from Thai traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing methods. More importantly, he also makes sure to tap local resources that would help Thailand’s economy.

Seat Belt Dining Chair - Orange

What actually sparked the idea for Nuttapong was seeing cotton straps being used to make seat belts and bag straps. Seat belt chairs have actually been done before, but the Thai designer was able to come up with a fresher way to do it than the predictable checkerboard design. The criss-cross pattern that wraps itself around the steel and wood frame is certainly more stylish and modern. The straps have one color that still makes a fascinating shade contrast as they twist to follow the pattern. The overall impression you get while looking at the neat braid of straps is the illusion of a fishtail.

The Seat Belt Dining Chair is nothing but pure genius on the part of Nuttapong. He was able to come up with something both thoroughly functional and incredibly artistic. The chair actually comes in a line that includes a rocking chair, an ottoman, a lounge chair and a bench. No need to worry about homogeneity though as the chair is remarkably versatile. Showrooms have displayed wonderful ways to utilize it. This fantastically modern chair can blend well with various interiors. Any decorator who has a gift for tasteful juxtaposition will find the Seat Belt Dining Chair a dream to work with.

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