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The Epic Aeron Chair

Posted on May 29, 2010

If there’s any chair that would motivate you to work, whether at home or at the office, the Aeron Chair from Herman Miller would be it. It is the very epitome of a modern chair, a symbol of the dot-com bubble back in the ’90s. That it continues to dominate in the world of contemporary office chairs speaks of its classic appeal.  It oozes coolness in appearance; it is ridiculously ergonomic; and it is 94% recyclable. If you still doubt the epic greatness of this chair, go and visit the Museum of Modern Art where the Aeron Chair has lodged itself in its permanent collection.

The first thing you notice when beholding the Aeron Chair is its imaginative design. Its look is certainly versatile, easily fitting in all sorts of interior. It has no trouble complementing an elegant setup since it is pretty much a work of art in itself. As with most outstanding works of art, the Aeron Chair’s presence always makes sense and never necessitates explaining or rationalizing. There have been numerous attempts to imitate the chair’s distinctive design, which is completely understandable as the Aeron is a gorgeous chair.

You will also notice that the chair is not cushioned. Many believe that cushions are synonymous with comfort, but the Aeron Chair will have no trouble proving this belief wrong. For a chair to be comfortable, it should conform to the shape and contour of your body while relieving pressure points as well as heat build-up. Chair cushion doesn’t do that. The Aeron Chair, on the other hand, has the Pellicle. It is a woven material which effectively cradles you in such a way that keeps pressure even across your entire body and keeps you cool despite long stretches of sitting down. Besides this, the chair also boasts of PostureFit, which supports the pelvis’ natural forward tilt and keeps the spine aligned to avoid the usual back pain.

The rest of the Aeron Chair’s features are all geared towards supreme comfort – the high, wide and contoured backrest; the slightly sloping armrests; the “waterfall” drop at the front of the seat; the Kinemat tilt mechanism, etc. You can manipulate everything from the seat height, arm height, arm angle, lumbar position, etc. Besides having all these smart features, the Aeron Chair is also available in three sizes to guarantee that you end up with a chair that is a perfect fit for you.

Also adding to the chair’s prestige is the list of accolades it has received (one of Your Company magazine’s “Designs Greatest Hits”, one of Industrial Designers Society of America and BusinessWeek’s “Designs of the Decade” Gold Winner for the Office Furniture category, etc.). After all these, however, what makes the Aeron Chair even more special is how green it is. More than half of the chair comes from recycled materials while almost all of it is recyclable.

With a chair that caters so much to your comfort that it addresses everything from your posture and joint movements to your blood circulation and body temperature, working has certainly become a pleasure. Clearly, the Aeron Chair has the power to achieve the impossible.

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