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Customizable Wall Art Pixels

Posted on July 21, 2010

If you have been to Thingz then you already know.  Expect the unexpected!  We recently created a bed and headboard in our Scottsdale showroom out of a wonderful new, customizable fabric panel.  Why you ask?  Because we can of course!  In truth, many people find it better to go for a bed without an attached headboard. An existing headboard is somewhat limiting. A headboard, after all, goes beyond its function of retaining your pillows and bed linens. Many headboards have become the focal point in a bedroom. They are there to offer drama, beauty, and function. Using our customizable wall panel system, you can do so many things with your headboard. You can style up a bare wall. You can pad it with upholstered cushions to have something soft to lean against when you sit up. You can even add a shelf for books and knickknacks or a hidden compartment for keeping important stuff safe. In any of these cases, it would be smart to maximize the presence of a headboard to highlight your sleeping quarters.

A novel approach to upholstered headboards is called Wall Art Pixels. These pixels are definitely the latest and the freshest when it comes to wall art innovations. They make excellent headboards, but you do not actually need a bed to have an excuse to put them up on your wall. By themselves, they make great wall décor. As headboards, they add visual interest to your bed, making a dramatic background for your stay there.

The pixels come in two sizes, in terms of thickness. You can get ones that are an inch thick, but if you prefer your headboard to be softer, you can go for those that are two-inches thick. The pixels are US-made and are composed of sturdy foam, fiber padding and spot treat fabric. They come in squares measuring 16 inches by 16 inches. The pixels are very easy to install using an easy adhesive Velcro wall application. It is recommended that you plan the exact location of the pixels on your wall as well as the arrangement that you desire before you start attaching the Velcro. In the event that you do have to pull the Velcro off the wall, you can simply iron it on high setting with a paper in between. It should come of in about 15 seconds. Pull the Velcro off slowly and carefully to avoid damage to your wall.

The Wall Art Pixels are not merely decorative, they also have sound absorbing properties, which allows you to enjoy a quiet room. They can even be protective when strategically placed to cushion cruising toddlers and the like. There are also pixels that come with pockets where you can store folders and documents or simply display pictures.

The pixels come in all sorts of fabric, shades and patterns. It is up to you to choose which pixels to get. You can go for a uniform set or a combination of different patterns. They are so versatile that they are sure to cater to whatever your design sensibilities require.

The following, Circa and Soho Chestnut, are just two of the available fabric options:

Here are some examples of how to arrange your pixels as a headboard.

With Wall Art Pixels, the wall décor possibilities are endless. To learn more about them, you can watch the Chicago Textile at the August 2008 Las Vegas Market video.

For more details on using Wall Art Pixels, please visit the Thingz showroom nearest you.  Because of the highly flexible nature of these, you will want to see the samples first hand!

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