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The Unconventional Marshmallow Love Seat

Posted on December 08, 2011

If you’re the type who thinks a sense of fun is an important element to add to an interior, then you would love the wonderfully whimsical Marshmallow Love Seat. The collection of 18 round cushions playfully gathers to form a unique sofa that oozes modern appeal. At the same time, it looks marvelously period and vintage as it embodies the design style during the emergence of the Pop Art movement. The innovative, contemporary design was originally collaborated on by George Nelson and Irving Harper, after which, it was introduced by Herman Miller in 1956. The Marshmallow Love Seat is really very characteristic of the era and has since become a modern design landmark. After being missed for more than 30 years, Herman Miller reintroduced the love seat in 1999 to the excited and enthusiastic welcome of design mavens everywhere. Now attributed with a vintage appeal, many decorators find the Marshmallow Love Seat a true find. In fact, you do not even have to be a connoisseur to realize and appreciate the kind of treasure it is. Stylish and fun, it makes a commanding presence and a strong focal point in any room.

In physical appearance alone, the Marshmallow Love Seat easily captures attention and holds it. Its eye-catching style is indubitably one-of-a-kind. It is an effective blend of whimsy, comfort and efficiency. As you inspect it further, you will discover how smart the design is.

Essentially, the Marshmallow Love Seat is comprised of 18 round, comfortable cushions arranged in such a way to look as though they are floating on the brushed tubular steel frame with black satin legs. It was designed to have detachable cushions for easy cleaning and maintenance, as well as for equalized wear. This feature also allows playful owners to make things fun and unpredictable with the different colored cushions. The cushions were originally upholstered in genuine Italian leather, but those who are creative will easily perceive the wealth of options when it comes to maximizing the versatility of the love seat’s look. In fact, you can purchase several Marshmallow Love Seats and attach them to each other using the connecting elements that they come with to make a really long sofa .

There has been some debate over the comfortability of the Marshmallow Love Seat. It does make comfortable seating, but don’t expect it to be as cozy as your typical couch. You can, however, sit and relax there for long periods of time without any discomfort.

The Marshmallow Love Seat was made to be strong and durable. It was created not only to make a fashion statement in homes, but to serve beautifully and efficiently in high-traffic areas such as waiting lounges, offices, lobbies, etc. One of the earliest manifestations of Pop Art in the category of home furnishings, the Marshmallow Love Seat has gone down in history as one of the very few truly uncoventional sofa designs ever. It took a hiatus in the ’60s, but was later rightfully revived to greet the birth of the new century. After all, the Marshmallow Love Seat exemplifies a true modern classic design.

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