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Using Floor Sculpture in Your Room Design

Posted on December 15, 2011

There is something about the use of floor sculptures in design that speaks of modern sensibilities and excellent taste. Floor sculptures in a home definitely make a terrific fashion statement. A floor sculpture does not only add a high level of style, it also functions as a strong focal point, a commanding presence that can easily influence not only your attention, but also the tone and decorating inspiration for the whole room.

Floor sculptures come in all shapes, colors, materials and sizes. Often beautiful and interesting, these artistic pieces were all the rage in the late 19th century and, clearly  continue to be popular to date. The Impressionists started the ball rolling and now modern floor sculptures continue to offer visual fascination in a room. The ’60s and ’70s produced some really evocative modern pieces, which continue to be in demand today.

Nowadays, contemporary floor sculptures depict all the relevant elements in our lifetime. The styles represented cover a rather wide range and the media keep on getting more innovative as the years go by. Many of these floor sculptures are abstract in form, but they clearly speak to the psyche so that you can easily tell if they are supposed to be dramatic, playful, whimsical, etc.

Make no mistake about it; these floor sculptures are actual works of art. Whether built by celebrated artists, unknown artisans, or mass-produced by commercial enterprises, they, as a rule, effectively create a form of visual interest, very often captivating and moving. Take, for instance, the gorgeous Hurricane Floor Sculpture.

From the form of the sturcture, you can feel the strength and gravity of its subject. Beautiful to look at, yet it effectively captures the intensity of a natural force. There are color options available allowing you the chance to pick the ones that you personally feel best represent the idea behind the piece, or at least, the ones that best complement your room’s color scheme.

It is particularly clever when home furnishings have more than one purpose. Some floor sculptures actually double as floor lamps. During the day, it serves as an attractive sculpture and at night, it transforms into a striking lighting display.

Floor sculptures can be placed in various areas throughout the home. Of course, you have to be certain that they are well-placed, standing where they can be easily seen and yet safely out of the way of the usual traffic. Whether as a solitary piece or part of a grouping, floor sculptures are sure to add charm and ambiance to a room.

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