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3 Cool Monorail Lighting Designs for Your Pool Table

Posted on February 01, 2012

More and more homes now feature a pool table in one of the rooms. Of course, the quintessential game room would not be complete without one. Playing pool is a favorite pastime for many and having the equipment to do so in one’s own home allows for better home recreation.

Of course, the pool table has to blend in well with the rest of the room. Its placement should not be forced or lack planning for its addition to result in room décor that works. Otherwise, it would simply look garish.

An important element in the installation of a pool table is its lighting. When we think of pool table lighting, pendant fixtures usually come to mind. Most of the time, we envision something with a Tiffany shade. While that certainly makes for a picturesque setup, some might find it rather cliché and prefer less common pool table lighting. In any case, for homes with a contemporary feel, something more modern and streamlined might be called for.

For the proper illumination of a pool table, you have to make sure that all the sections are well lit. The light should reach up to the edges of the table. However, it shouldn’t be too harsh that it interferes with your game. There are other considerations, of course. After all, when you play pool, you are wielding a long stick and dealing with balls that could potentially go flying off the table surface, not to mention the possibility of bumping your head on the lamp. Your fixture should definitely hang at least 30 inches above the playing surface for it to be sufficiently out of the way.
For contemporary homes sporting a pool table, monorail lighting is the perfect option. The style is sleek and modern. When it comes to functionality, it is extremely practical. They come in thin rails that can be shaped by hand. To learn more about monorail applications, you can visit techlighting.com.

For your pool table, you can get creative with your monorail to strategically place the light on all the crucial points. Naturally, it can also enhance the style of your pool table setup. The following are three cool monorail designs for your table:

The S-curve design looks very fluid and sinuous. It is also a great way to place lamps exactly where you want them. The rectangle design with lamps running on two parallel lines look very clean and efficient. With this design, you can also be certain that your pool table is completely awash in light. The single line of lamps, on the other hand, is very streamlined and straightforward. Its appeal is distinctly modern. All three designs provide contemporary lighting style and do a great job illuminating your pool table. With one of these monorail designs over your table, your pool setup will be a gorgeous focal point in the room.

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