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Creating the WOW with Modern Wall Decor

Posted on March 02, 2012

You can do a lot to pull together a look with carefully chosen furniture and accessories. Maybe you’ve even been brave enough to paint your walls with something other than white or neutrals. Still, your space may be feeling a little barren. Thankfully, there are lots of fun options at Thingz to fill that niche or empty expanse of wall.

3D wall art offers a great textural alternative to contemporary art. You may want to bring in the subdued shine of stainless steel or specific colors or shapes around the room to create a visual rhythm and unify your space. Hanging these “sculptures” on the wall  leaves your tabletops uncluttered while creating more visual interest and coziness. They’re also great for completing an empty area where you have limited floor space, like an entryway, hallway or stairway landing. One large or groups of smaller pieces can be a focal point that becomes a distinctive signature to your personal style. One of our favorites is the Thunder Wall Sculpture:

If you’re looking for a splash of color, Pigskin Glass Art offers a unique dimensional alternative. Each 15″ x 15″ square is an original piece of art created with recycled window glass and pigment. The pieces  are heated in a kiln, which mixes the colors and slumps the glass and adheres it to a leather-like backing, creating a slightly wavy edge. These lightweight pieces look great alone or in colorful groupings.

Unusual clocks are functional art that can complement your decor with their unexpected variety of shapes and metal finishes.

Modern lighting sconces can also serve as wall sculpture and accent the space with shape. dimension and illumination.

Reverse painted glass art is a glossy way to adorn your wall with color. The thickness of the glass adds depth and polish. These pieces are bold on their own or can be mounted on metal or matted and framed for additional contrast.

Paintings are still a fabulous choice for contemporary design, especially with the variety of mounting and surface treatments available. A painted canvas can be mounted on stretchers or adhered to fiberboard and then given a resin coating, which leaves them with a clean edge, a bit of depth and sleek polish, or in some cases a playful bumpy texture. Even paintings in neutral earth tones are invigorated with the addition of a glossy coating. Think about the way river rocks gleam in a shallow stream, and you get the picture!

There are so many inspiring possibilities to consider, so come in to one of our Thingz showrooms and let one of out designers help you visualize what modern wall decor can do for your home or office. Your walls are waiting!

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