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15 Seconds of Fame: Thingz on the Big Screen

Posted on May 01, 2012

We love modern and contemporary design, so naturally we notice it wherever we go – the lighting at that swanky new restaurant, the fabulous lounge chair on that celebrity house tour on MTV, and of course, at the movies. If you happen to be the significant other of a “Thingz-ite” (or is it Thingzian?), then you’ve no doubt been completely absorbed in a movie right at the peak of some dramatic, climactic moment when you hear a little whisper in your ear – “See that lamp? We have that at Thingz. Cool, huh?”.

I’m pretty sure everybody here has had that “hey we have that!” moment recently at the Hunger Games film. The movie takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where the Capitol’s citizens live a highly advanced, lavish lifestyle. So what better setting for funky, futuristic furniture? See those wild green dining chairs around the table? Yeah, we’ve got those at Thingz!

These amazing modern seat belt chairs come in lots of different colors and they’re even available as a rocker, ottoman or lounge chair!

The Hunger Games isn’t the only movie where you’ll find Thingz merchandise though. One thing that rarely stands out in movie set design is the ceiling fan. That’s not the case in I, Robot though. In this futuristic movie there is a very unusual ceiling fan in the apartment of robot-loathing detective, Del Spooner (Will Smith). What makes it so unusual? See for yourself:

This seemingly unbalanced, single blade fan is appropriately named “Enigma”. Believe it or not, it is perfectly balanced and actually a fairly efficient ceiling fan.

So how about modern furniture in a movie that’s not set in the year 3000? A few weeks ago I spotted the Arabella Sectional in Jon Hamm and Kristen Wiig’s Manhattan apartment in the romantic comedy, Friends with Kids.

Or on the small screen we spotted this showroom favorite on Two and a Half Men:


So while we can’t all live like the stars, at least we can live like the movies they’re in!

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