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Not Your Grandmother’s Wallpaper

Posted on August 16, 2012

There are dozens of contemporary wall treatments in the world. From textured drywall to tile to wood paneling. There are just as many ways to add color to your walls like paint, Venetian plaster and fabric wall treatments. Another great way to add both color and texture to your walls is wallpaper. Now I know what you’re thinking. That awful, outdated, hard-to-remove, floral stuff that your grandma had when you were growing up, Right? Well contemporary wallpaper has come a long way from those days. It’s incredibly versatile and with so many modern wallpaper styles to choose from, your options are virtually limitless.

If you’re looking to add texture to the walls of your contemporary home you’ve got several options. You could opt for stone, metal panels or many other surfaces, but these are typically very expensive, and installation can be expensive and time-consuming. Contemporary wallpaper could be your perfect solution in this case. It comes in hundreds of different textures that can give you that same modern, textural look without breaking the bank. Check out some of the options below. There are some that look like tile, wood, stone or metal and installation of modern wallpaper can save you loads of money over installing other surfaces.

If color is what you’re after, then contemporary wallpaper can be a great option that can save you tons of time. Obviously, painting a wall in a single, modern color is an easy, inexpensive way to add a splash of color, but what if you want something more? Maybe you want to add multiple colors or stripes?  It can take hours of your precious time to tape off a pattern and it’s difficult to keep all of the lines straight. The great thing about wallpaper is that the colors are always even and the lines are always straight. If curvy, contemporary patterns are your thing, then you know that painting them can be nearly impossible if you’re not an artist. Once again wallpaper makes it super easy. Below you’ll see a great example of an intricate, colorful pattern that would be nearly impossible to paint, but with modern wallpaper, it’s easy. You can also add a really cool splash of metallic colors that would be really tricky with paint.

With some contemporary wallpaper, you can even try fun new installation methods. Years ago you were basically tied to two options. You could either roll the paper up the wall or across the wall. Now you can create really cool patterns and textures by changing it up. Try ripping your contemporary wall paper into shapes and overlapping them like you see below or cutting them into squares and alternating the pattern to create a tiled look. Some people will even accent their contemporary wallpaper squares with crystals or nailheads.

Whatever style of contemporary wallpaper you choose, you’re sure to add some great texture and color to any space bringing warmth life your previously drab walls. When you’re ready to change up your walls be sure to give modern wallpaper that second chance it deserves!

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