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The Latest and Greatest in Contemporary Lighting 2013

Posted on February 16, 2013

At the beginning of every year, contemporary lighting manufacturers roll out the fabulous new introductions that they’ve been creating over the last twelve months. Each year, we look forward to seeing the latest and greatest modern lighting innovations and we want to share with you a few amazing pieces that you can look forward to this time around.

Two of our favorite contemporary lighting manufacturers are Tech Lighting and LBL Lighting. These sister companies hail from Skokie, Illinois and are known for being on the cutting edge of modern lighting systems like monorail systems and cable systems. They offer a huge variety of contemporary pendant lighting and do a little bit of everything else as well. This year both companies rolled out some beautiful new additions to their already expansive collection of modern lighting.

One trend that we’ve noticed over the last couple of years is crystal, crystal, and more crystal. And who is the biggest name in crystal? Swarovski. LBL has introduced some beautiful collaborations with the Austrian crystal maker in the past, but none are more stunning than the brand new Mademoiselle suspension fixture. Originally designed for a world-famous Parisian fashion house,  the Swarovski Elements crystals of the Mademoiselle will bring elegance and sparkle to liven up any formal dining room. This is the perfect example of contemporary lighting meets fashion with the crystals set in a web of sterling silver chain draped like beautiful fabric.


Another stunning new contemporary fixture from LBL is the Constellation Grande. Based on a much smaller version released in a previous introduction, the Constellation Grande is a whopping 20.3 inches long and comes in a couple of new colors. This magnificent piece of glass is hand-blown but has such an organic feel that it looks as though it must have come straight from the earth.

One of my personal favorites for 2013 is the new Zuri pendant. It appears to have a reflective, crumpled copper, black, or silver metal shade, but when the light is turned on you see that it is actually a beautiful translucent  glass. It’s also available with another trend for 2013 – the classic Edison style lamp.

Along similar lines, Tech released another really cool contemporary lighting concept with Edison-style bulbs called Soco. It’s an easy four step process to create a unique urban contemporary lighting statement all your own. First, choose one of 8 different colored fabric chords. Next pick your socket style from two different categories – modern and vintage. Third, choose from a variety of bulbs, from the ever popular Edison lamps to an ultra modern chrome dipped bulb. Finally, choose how you want to mount the pendant. You can hang it individually or from a 3, 7, or 11-port canopy. To achieve the trendy swagged look below, throw in a few contemporary swag hooks.

Last, but not least is the super hip new Crossroads fixture. Composed of raw steel, this edgy contemporary fixture exudes industrial modern class.

With so many exciting new contemporary lighting choices in 2013, it makes you wonder what they could possibly come out with next. We can’t wait for 2014!

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