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Contemporary Area Rugs to Accent and Enliven

Posted on July 29, 2013

A room isn’t complete without an area rug to accent and enliven it. When designing a space, take into consideration an area rug that will bring the room together and add lots of style. There are hundreds of rugs to choose from to bring sophistication and intrigue to your home but only certain rugs can truly create the contemporary feel you desire. Currently trending are abstractly designed rugs, rugs with circular prints, cowhides, rugs with silhouette patterns, and shag rugs in different colors. Whether your kitchen is in need of a contemporary rug under your dining table or your bedroom is begging for a cowhide, look no further than Thingz, the premier contemporary furniture store in Scottsdale.

Abstract Design Rug

A modern living room or sitting area can be pulled together and enlightened by adding an abstractly designed rug. Current rugs that are in style include those with abstract lettering, line work, and industrial art. Adhering to the modern and simple design aesthetic, a lot of rooms will incorporate a rug that looks like a hop scotch on pavement or use a pattern that has layered blocks on it, forming a design. Some edgier styles include rugs that look hand-painted with graffiti or feature sayings such as “make yourself at home.” The Pavement Art Area Rug is an exciting rug from Thingz that makes the most of an abstract design. This edgy rug can be used in numerous settings and would work well with brightly colored furniture. Placing a bright yellow couch over this urban rug would work to create a unified design to a space.

Circular Print Design Rug

Circles add an organic feel to a space and can break up strong lines and dull areas. Currently, a lot of circular patterns are popular in the design world and they come in all shapes and sizes. You can find living room rectangular shaped rugs with clusters of circles on them overlapping or you can find a circular bathroom rug with other circles drawn on. The circles on these trendy rugs can be filled in with color or can be simply outlined. Thingz offers the Circles Area Rug in beige and black. This rug would work wonderfully in a contemporary bathroom or by a door entrance. The circles in the design create a non-intimidating feel and this rug would also look nice in a modern nursery.

Cowhide Rug

Cowhide rugs aren’t just for Texans anymore! With a contemporary bend towards eclecticism, these cowhides are being featured in all types of residences and can either be the focal point or be complementary, depending on your room. Unlike the traditional styling of cowhide, these rugs are being mixed with modern furniture, vintage lamps, and brightly colored walls. No longer are the days that an entire room must be “country” themed or carry a specific region’s style. Mixing patterns and styles is on the rise and a lot of designers are adding cowhides to bedrooms, throwing them over accent chairs, and also using them as wall decor. The Black and White Cowhide with Silver from Thingz is a great example of a cowhide with a modern twist. By adding metallic silver to the rug, it becomes modern and exciting. Placing this rug in your home, you are truly embracing the eclectic contemporary bend in design and showcasing your sense of style.

Silhouette Design Rug

Hand in hand with the contemporary style is the use of silhouettes in design. Black outlined shapes of floras, birds, prints, and other items is being seen in nearly all modern homes and it’s working its way into our rugs. Using white as the color for the silhouette is also popular and adds a lighter feel to a room. The floral silhouetted rug offered from Thingz is on par with modern style. Known as the Cotton Blooms Area Rug, this rug will bring a bright and airy feeling to your kitchen or entryway. Avoiding dark colors but embracing a white silhouette of cotton blossoms, this rug is a statement piece all on its own. In a kitchen this rug could add warmth and a cozy feel to tile flooring or provide an anchor for a modern dining room table. Other contemporary silhouetted rugs can include the outline of bugs, butterflies, branches, and leaves.

Colored Shag Rug

When a room is busy with lots of accessories and abstract art, it only needs a basic colored shag rug. The trend currently embraces high pile rugs and shag is a great throwback material. You can find a shag rug in numerous colors that are contemporary and don’t scream “welcome to the 70’s.” When deciding on what shag rug to use in a space, make sure it complements the basic palette of the room. Using a shag rug will most likely anchor a busy room, yet you want to keep it simple and sophisticated. A great understated rug can add a luxurious appearance to any space and Thingz has many to choose from. The Core Shag Rug in Brown Gold is a beautiful rectangular rug that would work well with many rooms and will add a warm touch to any modern decor.  Only the best, this rug is made of New Zealand wool and is also offered in different colors including ivory.

So you’re ready to purchase your dream contemporary rug to accent and enliven your entryway or draw attention to your new bedspread. It’s important to remember what is on trend. A contemporary furniture store like Thingz allows you to browse the latest styles and use our complimentary design services.  Together with our staff of interior designers, we can help you pick out a perfect rug for your space and make your room into a design oasis.

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