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Contemporary Design Doesn’t Need to be Cold or Minimal

Posted on August 05, 2013

There’s a huge misconception when it comes to contemporary design. Many think to decorate a dream contemporary home you need to buy items that are cold, boring or are too minimal. Here at Thingz, we want to transform your home and give it a contemporary style without being dead and dull. The key to finding items that bring your home to the next level and keep it contemporary is to look for things that are warm and inviting. There are many different items found at Thingz that you can’t find anywhere else and that can complete any room in your home. Here are five simple ways to add warmth to your contemporary home. Avoiding bland colors, adding a statement piece, filling your space with items that serve a purpose or are extremely beautiful, utilizing both geometric and organic lines, and making your space look alive will all contribute to a more modern and stylish space.

 1. Avoid Bland Colors         

A room that is as sterile as a hospital doesn’t make anyone feel comfortable. Although white, grey, and black work as good neutral colors to build upon when decorating your home, you shouldn’t leave a space bland. Adding pops of color and fun into a room can make it livelier. A boring color palette can become dull and uninviting. By using brightly hued colors, your space will become trendy and stylish. Works of art are a great way to begin to introduce color to your room and our Cosmopolitan Wall Sculpture is a great solution. There are 12 different acrylic colors to choose from to customize an art piece to fit your room’s color palette. Whether it’s a bedroom you’re transforming or a kitchen, this wall piece will look amazing and can help you decorate with a perfect color palette.

2. Add a Statement Piece

There should be a statement piece in every room of your home. Even in the bathroom there should be an item that draws the viewer in. At Thingz, we specialize in statement pieces that can’t be found anywhere else and that can easily add a contemporary edge to any room. Among our favorites is the Surfboard Dining Table. With a pedestal base in shiny, eye catching steel, this piece will be the center of any dining room. Another great statement piece is our retro-chic Julia Side Table. This side table adds a color of orange to an otherwise cold room and is quirky and fun. Filling your home with statement pieces add a contemporary feel and also helps make your space feel timeless.

3. Fill Your Space with Items That either Serve a Purpose Or Are Extremely Beautiful

Contemporary homes aren’t filled with knick knacks that you aren’t in love with. Choose beautiful pieces that make a statement. Living up to its name, the Majestic Console Table, is a definite conversation piece from 100% recycled steel, ultra durable and effortlessly stylish. This table will add beauty and interest to your space. When you are taking inventory of your room, consider the pieces that are visually pleasing that reflect your personal taste and style. Furniture that serves as functional art is a bonus.

4. Utilize both Organic and Geometric Lines

Lines in a room speak volumes and can help make your space feel professionally designed. When looking at your space, consider the architecture and existing furniture. What types of lines are there? Are there wiggly, free styled lines in shapes such as circles or is your room made up of straight, sleek lines like squares? The properly designed room has a mix of both. At Thingz, we offer a variety of different shapes and lines to complete your space. Do you need an organically sculpted art piece like our grand Bora Sculpture, named after a free flowing wind, or do you need to finish off a curvaceous room with a simple, yet warm Silver Credenza? Once you have determined the line style you need to have more of, browse our selection to find the right lined pieces for you.

5. Keep Your Space Looking Alive

Last but not least, you need to keep your space looking “alive” to make it contemporary. The word contemporary actually means happening, exciting and living. Fill your space with items that are current or make you smile. A lot of our wall art is both modern and energetic. Avoid choosing items that don’t add energy to the space. Our circular wall art, Magnetic, captures sunbursts and adheres them to your wall to create a magical piece. You can also include family portraits. Canvas art is really big right now and a portrait of even your dog can look stunning with the right background and coordinating wall art.

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