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The Details that Make Contemporary Design Contemporary

Posted on August 12, 2013

What is contemporary interior design? The word contemporary means living in the moment. Thus, contemporary design and styling can mean “current.” Different than modern design, which is a movement, contemporary design can break more rules according to Lisa Frederick from Houzz.com. Contemporary interior design is about the here and now and is also a term for design that is moving away from the traditional styles. Many seek out contemporary style, but fall short in their design ambitions because they misunderstand what makes up a contemporary home and end up with a less than great end product. At Thingz, we make it easier than ever to bring a contemporary flair to your home and there are many products that can help guide you away from the traditional, boring style. By following these simple steps to make your home more contemporary and utilizing some of our cutting edge designed furniture and decor, your home will look good enough for the cover of the latest interior design magazines.

Make Way for Open Space

One of the biggest components of contemporary style is the focus on space. Furniture and it’s relation to space in a room is very important to the overall look. Open and large spaces characterize a lot of contemporary homes and you can make your home more contemporary by clearing space and making your room appear larger. Allowing a lot of natural light in will help to create more space and you can purchase furniture that is transparent. When styling a contemporary dining room, using a clear table can make the room look larger and grander. Our Verso Dining Table would work perfectly to add an appearance of space and will also make a statement. Look for furniture and chairs that have glass tops or are acrylic. If adding too much see-through furniture feels bare, add a colorful chair or drink bar for more color.

Look for Bold, Crisp Lines

More traditional interior styles consist of oversized chairs and elaborated furniture. The contemporary style looks for items that have bold, crisp lines. A room should appear to have noticeable horizontal and vertical lines to be called contemporary. You can work these lines into your space by purchasing furniture that showcases lines. A simple way to add lines is to purchase a bolder, more modern coffee table. We offer many different sized tables and a lot are in perfect neutrals to match any room. Our Ula Cocktail Table has strong lines and is the perfect contemporary addition to your sitting room or media room. This model can come in numerous finishes. Mixing wood and metal adds a perfect edge to a space.

Think Outside of the Box

Making your home more contemporary can be as simple as adding a decorative item that is outside of the box. Styling a home is a lot more fun when you can add items that make you happy. Living in the moment, you can choose a contemporary furniture piece that suits you. Here at Thingz, there are many different abstract and energy filled pieces that help to add pizazz to rooms. Our table sculptures transform rooms and invite you to dream in color. Adding a contemporary sculpture can help set the tone for your new space and whether you’re redoing a bedroom or entryway, abstract items can add a stylish look. Mixing colors and adding excitement to any space is our Ice Storm Sculpture. This floor sculpture will match lots of different color palettes and embraces the contemporary aesthetic. Another out of the box option is our Eclipse Bar Stools which make having a drink fun. With oversized, circles as armrests, these bar stools along with our sculptures can play a large role in making a room more contemporary.

Avoid Frills and Excessive Ornamentation

Choosing items for your home that aren’t over accessorized is a step toward making a space contemporary. At Thingz, we know that the traditional style is out and that designers are looking for crisp, simple, contemporary furniture. Avoiding frills and excessive ornamentation will make your home more contemporary. Gone are the days when you had six floral pieces that all matched. Now, design is about mixing and matching and keeping with clean lines. Contemporary couches will help to make a space appear less cluttered and more styled. Our Uno Leather Sofa is the perfect, sleek, neutral couch that will work in any home. With chrome arms and feet this piece of furniture is the definition of contemporary. Another great option in furniture is our chic media units. The Diamond Wall Unit can showcase your flat screen without distracting from the great picture quality.

Add Shine

Last but not least, contemporary design is all about shine. Mixing shiny decor with matte decor will add a great visual dimension to a space. When you think of contemporary design you think of chrome and all other types of shiny materials. According to Houzz.com, the shinier a space is the more modern and clean it appears. Here at Thingz, our furniture never loses its glisten and will add a finishing touch to your space. Chrome lamps are a great option when seeking to add more shine to your living room or bedroom. The Makis Floor Lamp is made of all chrome and adds height to a space because it is a floor lamp. If you’re looking to make your bedroom more contemporary, our Bird’s Nest Heart Table Lamp will work great on a nightstand. This lamp has a white linen shade but its base is a beautiful sculpture that is made of chrome. Chrome lighting options are great when looking to add shine to your room because once you turn on the light, the metal accents are illuminated.

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