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Contemporary Artwork and Accessories: From Abstract to Industrial

Posted on August 19, 2013

Abstract and industrial artwork is representative of contemporary style. When decorating your home, you want to incorporate artwork that avoids being too representational. Here at Thingz, we offer lots of different art options that fit the contemporary aesthetic. When choosing art for your home, consider these five tips to help make a lasting impression. Incorporating metal, using colors to represent moods and seasons, avoiding realism, adding urban touches and letting nature inspire the artwork you choose to display will guarantee your home style and a contemporary feel.

Think Metal

Metal art is a huge part of the contemporary home. The use of different non-traditional materials to create art is a very current trend in both the art and design world. Choosing an art piece that consists of metal will help to add a modern energy to your space. The Earthquake, a mirror made of aluminum and bronze, is the perfect art piece to show off metal in your home. The bronze is warm and gives off a worn feel while the aluminum adds shine and adornment to the mirror. When seeking out metal art, look for pieces that give attention to the metal and don’t detract from it. You can also look for pieces that mix other elements such as wood or glass. Mixed media pieces are very contemporary and if you find a sculpture or wall piece that has metal and wood, it will work well in many different spaces.

Use Colors to Represent Moods and Seasons

When adding abstract art to a contemporary space, you should consider the colors used in the piece. Is the art warm or cold? Does it remind you of a season or event? A lot of art is comprised of color and color will set the tone for your room. If you are going for a warm and summery look, an art piece with the colors of the sunset may work well for you. If you are looking for a piece that is more serious, dark colors may create the perfect sculpture or painting for your space. Our Summer and Fall Wall Sculptures are inspired by the seasons and their colors can represent the mood of a room.

Avoid Realism

The contemporary style embraces abstract art that is inspired by things but doesn’t look exactly like them. Colors, textures, and shapes play a large part in abstract art and you can find a piece that fits your individual style easily. A lot of our sculptures are considered abstract art and our Blaze Floor Sculpture is inspired by fire but uses the non-traditional colors of blue and green. This piece is really tall and fills the room with a contemporary energy that can’t be created by traditional art. The Magnetic Wall Mirror is inspired by the sun yet isn’t colored yellow and orange. This mirror is another example of an abstract art piece that can be used in a contemporary space. The Magnetic is also metal which is very contemporary.

Add Urban Touches

Industrial art is very contemporary. Anything to do with man-made objects such as manholes, buildings, and gears is industrial art and is usually showcased in a contemporary setting. You can add urban touches by incorporating photographs of urban things such as doors and concrete or you can purchase art that looks urban. The Bassalla Mirror is a great example of urban decor from Thingz. This industrial styled mirror consists of rivet-like accents that make it look like a manhole. The key to using urban touches in your contemporary home is to keep them clean looking. Although this mirror looks industrial, its styling is calculated. Decor that involves an urban feel can sometimes be overwhelming so balance it with other elements.

Let Nature Inspire

Nature can inspire a lot of abstract art. Many of our offered art pieces are inspired by and reflect nature. Nature can be represented by sculptures, photographs, wall pieces, vases, and mirrors. The Hurricane Floor Sculpture reflects the power of nature and its raw beauty. Although the sculpture isn’t shaped to look identical to a hurricane, it reflects the feel of a hurricane. Another piece from Thingz that is inspired by nature is the Glacier Wall Sculpture. This art piece features metal and acrylic. You can easily find art that is inspired by nature, that is abstract. Once you begin to get a feel for abstract art and how it correlates with nature, you can find pieces that mean things to you personally. At this point, you’ll learn what looks and feels right in any space and will be able to curate your entire home.

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