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Marvelous Mixed Contemporary Styling

Posted on August 26, 2013

Contemporary styling can be mixed with all different design themes. Fulfilling its definition of “current,” contemporary design works best when it emerges from older design movements and recreates new things for the home. Many of our furniture and home decor items include different designs mixed with contemporary. The importance of embracing contemporary furniture is that it incorporates other timeless styles adding to the longevity of the design. Here we introduce some of our contemporary furniture pieces and decor pieces that invite a blend of other styles.

Rustic Style – Montana Dining Table

Our Montana Dining Table is a perfect blend of rustic and contemporary styling. The Acacia wood planks help reflect the rawness of nature and mixed with straight, metal legs, the piece embraces both design styles. Rustic styling can become contemporary and modern by adding simple elements and by keeping the ornamentation to a minimum. The key to keeping rustic accents working with contemporary ones is to keep a balance of both. Our Montana Dining Table will work well in any space that needs a rustic and natural element.

Coffee House Style – Flax Wall Sculpture

Coffee House style is a newer interior design theme that embraces comfort, warmth, and practicality. Mixed with contemporary design which is more minimal, you get our Flax Wall Sculpture. Abstract shapes fit with the contemporary style. There is a mix of Coffee House style because of the sketch lines and warm hues. The deep browns and oranges keep this piece cozy and inviting while the abstract and layered squares keep it contemporary and more formal.

Traditional Style – Boudoir Mirror

Our Boudoir Mirror has elements of both the contemporary style and traditional style. Its tufted fabric reflects the traditional style and is reminiscent of iconic tufted headboards. The clean lines and simple color help to make this mirror contemporary as well as traditional. Taking elements from the traditional design, this mirror transforms to the modern style with its extra-large size. Taking an otherwise traditional decor element and making it extra-large can help to make it more contemporary. Adorning a decor item with lighter colors can also reflect the contemporary, simple style.

Retro Style – Apollo Chest

The Apollo Chest is a perfect blend of current design and design from the 50’s and 60’s. In the 50’s and 60’s chest drawers had beautiful metal pulls and simple hardware. Our contemporary chest embraces simple lines as well as a nontraditional oblong shape. In the 50’s and 60’s you could find furniture feet with all different geometric shapes. The Apollo Chest features modern chrome feet that are angled. Mixing finishes is also a component of contemporary design and the faux crocodile finish on the drawers works well with the black base.

Traditional Style – Penchant Round

Typically over ornate and very traditional, chandeliers can be modern when the styling is stripped to the basics. The Penchant Round is our contemporary take on the traditional chandelier. Made of a black shade and simple crystal tear drops, this contemporary lighting fixture would work great in a modern office space or dining room. A key to making a chandelier contemporary is limiting it to a neutral color palette or prohibiting it from becoming too ornate. A chandelier, no matter what the design theme, will make a statement, but a contemporary one will help keep the space sleek and sophisticated, not overdone.

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