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Colors and Finishes that Scream Contemporary

Posted on September 02, 2013

There are many different flooring options that can be considered contemporary but here at Thingz we have found some specific go-to styles that can work with our modern furniture and home decor. Taking the leap and embracing concrete floors with brightly colored walls can give energy to a basic bedroom while painting wooden floors white can help to create a contemporary canvas. Other pairings that work are wooden floors with white walls, shag carpet with a wallpapered accent wall, and dark wall paint mixed with lighter floor tiling. You can achieve a contemporary look by being inspired and using these floor and wall pairings in your home.

Clean and Natural

Our Candy Sectional couldn’t have a better canvas than the lightly stained wood flooring and white walls. Gone are the days when wallpaper ruled every corner of the home and to highlight great contemporary furniture, white walls are in order. Not boring, but energetic, white walls paired with the organic nature of the stained wood showcase your furniture and art perfectly in your home. To make this style work for you, you can either lay wood flooring or strip your living space down to concrete and paint it a darker hue. White walls will also showcase any architectural details such as crown molding.

Mod Style

Mod is always in style and is a contemporary look for any space. Here we’ve embraced the iconic shag carpeting and paired it with ornamental wallpaper. When using wallpaper in your contemporary home, it’s important not to overdo it. Wallpaper as an accent wall is a great choice. By only highlighting one corner of a room, it makes the room appear larger. Pairing wallpaper with carpet works well as long as they are in contrasting colors. The silver hued shag carpet helps to set off the darker grey hued wallpaper. Filigree wallpaper is making a comeback and works in modern homes by mixing it with contemporary furniture and decor, like in this styled picture.

Artistic Overtones

Wood flooring is very contemporary when mixed with other modern decor and painted white. Here we’ve styled one of our contemporary drawers, the Fun Nightstand, and placed it on white wood flooring. When using white wooden floors, don’t keep the walls white or else the room will look too plain. Add dimension by giving the walls a paint job using a darker color than the flooring. In this example, we show off art propped against grey toned walls, atop white wooden floors. You can create this look in any space, but it especially looks nice in bedrooms with some modern wall art.

Bold Contrasts

The TV is usually the first thing someone sees when walking into a living room. To keep your style on the same level as your new flat screen TV, consider a sleek dark pewter color as an accent wall. What makes this dark color on the wall work is the pairing of it with the light colored tile floor and accent rug. Whenever you have a light color on your wall, you want a darker color on the floors and vice versa. Taking the plunge and making a dramatic statement by painting a wall super dark is contemporary and chic. To pull it off, you can use white carpet, white concrete or invest in classically contemporary tiled floors as in our example. An accent rug continues to lighten the mood by adding warmth to the otherwise colder space. As we styled this Diamond Wall Unit, we made sure to use a lighter color on the wall so that the contemporary furniture didn’t blend in.

Bright and Energetic

Concrete flooring is very contemporary and modern. Stripping your floor of color and allowing the natural colors in concrete to take over will add an industrial and urban feel to your space. In this room, concrete floors are paired with bright colored furniture and accessories, making a contemporary room feel energized. Concrete floors can be painted all different colors but by keeping them in their natural state, the furniture you use will be showcased and will take the spotlight. Concrete flooring also works great in homes in warmer climates and in homes where there are young children and pets. Embracing concrete is fun and allows you to change your room color to keep your look fresh.

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