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What Is Contemporary Scandinavian Design?

Posted on September 09, 2013

Scandinavian Design emerged in the 1950’s and is still a design theme that resonates with the furniture design world. From the countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, this design is focused on simplicity and functionality. According to ASKO, a Scandinavian-designed appliance company, Scandinavian design is “talking about products that are so simple, that they’re incredibly advanced.” Thingz Contemporary, your Arizona contemporary furniture store, showcases many ultra-modern furniture pieces and many reflect Contemporary Scandinavian design.

Versailles Dining Table

One of the biggest focuses of contemporary Scandinavian design is that of nature. Reflecting nature and using materials from it is a huge component of the design. This wooden table is created from reclaimed seared oak. The sleek metal legs work well with simple lines and the overall piece gives off warmth, another characteristic of this design. Most popular materials used in Scandinavian design are wood, granite, metal and linen. The Versailles dining table from Thingz is made up of both wood and metal. This artistic piece serves your dining needs as well as offering simplistic beauty.

Lana Decorative Bowl

According to World Guide, Scandinavian design components usually follow the Nordic color scheme. The Nordic color palette is light and pale. Many famous contemporary Scandinavian furniture designers focus their furniture on the colors white and off white. This modern decorative bowl is a great piece that falls under Scandinavian design. White with a simplistic design and use, this Lana decorative bowl from Thingz would work well in any modern home. To add an extra pop of color, you can add colored beads, fruits, or even vegetables.

Isa Bed

A simple yet beautiful bed is the perfect staple when adding contemporary Scandinavian design in your home. The Isa bed by Thingz is a well-tailored bed that looks anything but plain with wood feet and a leather headboard. Scandinavian design embraces anything that serves a purpose and is beautiful at the same time. Design should be for everyone and the Scandinavian design thought is that anyone should be able to live in beauty. This bed serves the best purpose possible, providing a place to sleep as well as creating a beautiful statement piece in your master bedroom.

Zeal Sconce

Organic forms are very Scandinavian and this simple curvaceous wall sconce can be paired with another to create a bigger impact in your space. Called Zeal and offered by Thingz this wall light is offered in white, black and silver. Serving a basic purpose, providing illumination in the home, this useful item doesn’t have to be boring or underwhelming. Making the most of its purpose and material, this light fixture has great appeal with the simple dish shape and light hidden within.

Joliet Chair

Metal and a white palette again reflect contemporary Scandinavian design with this chair from Thingz. Minimalism is a characteristic of Scandinavian style and this specific example is effortless and beautiful. Providing a comfortable place to sit on, this seat seen here in white, is just as amazing in black. Known as the Joliet chair, this ultra-modern look is the perfect balance of all things useful and refined. Appealing to our simple senses, this chair is the perfect embodiment of Scandinavian design.

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