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5 Custom Modern Furniture Pieces

Posted on November 02, 2013

Over the last few years, custom-made furniture has become more and more popular. People now understand the benefits of buying a bespoke furniture piece rather than a shop bought or off the shelf piece. They are durable, offer flexible designs, suitable to your needs, and their prices too have come within the reach of the mainstream buyers.

Nowadays, many companies supply customers with custom modern furniture pieces and Thingz is one of them. They offer their customers with complete freedom of choosing the colors, configurations, and coverings of the furniture pieces. They also deliver within a quick period of 4-6 weeks, which is very rare for custom-made furniture.

Here are five custom pieces that are able to uplift any modern interior.

Majestic Coffee Table

If you are looking for a stunning focal point for your living room that will add functionality as well as beauty, this table will be the ideal fit. In fact, you cannot have a better coffee table if you have kids in your house because it is very sturdy and is heat and corrosion resistant.

This piece is made of 100% recycled steel and can be customized in terms of color, shape, pattern, size, and leg options. It is available in three types of metal finish and two types of base finish.

This gorgeous customized coffee table from Thingz measures 36”W and 16”H.

Tigi Buffet with Hutch

This buffet is perfect for entertaining. Besides functioning as a serving station, this buffet offers display options and provides storage space for extra serving pieces and linens. The light at the center sheathed with frosted glass gives it just the right touch for evening dining. This attention-getting piece will stand out in any modern or contemporary kitchen.

Measuring 66”W and 80”H, this buffet with hutch can be custom sized to fit your space. You can also choose from five types of wood finish options. This well-designed and practical buffet offers eye-catching modern design.

Passion Mirror

A well-placed mirror maximizes a room’s style. When the mirror is a decorative piece like this one, it adds a certain majestic touch to the space. This colorful, ornamental mirror is a marvelous addition to any home.

Measuring 72”W and 56”H, this large mirror can be the focal point of a room. It’s gorgeous and bold design makes it a work of art.

Made of 100% recycled steel, it is customizable in terms of color, pattern, shape, and size.

Izzie Dining Table

With five types of finish options and customizable size, this uniquely designed dining table is suitable for any contemporary dining room. The various wood and metal finishes of this custom-made piece will allow you to choose a color scheme that will perfectly blend with your home’s color palette. It will fit to any modern interior setting due to its unusual shape and the standard stainless steel center.

The table is here displayed with an Izzie Bench and Vian dining chairs. However, the wood finish of the table will also allow you to use eco-friendly wicker chairs and create a rustic environment in the dining room.

Measuring 72”W and 72”D and 30” H, this triangular-shaped table is an amazing showcase piece for your home.

Arni Desk

This sleek, stylish, yet simple design is perfect for creating a contemporary statement. Update your home office with this stunning workspace! It measures 70”W and 34”D but custom sizing is also available.

The built-in drawers in the desk give you storage space for your important stuff. The combination of wood finish and stainless steel accents is suitable for any modern interior.

Available in many wood and metal finishes, this beautiful desk makes a great impression for any office.


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