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5 Modern Holiday Decorating Ideas

Posted on November 18, 2013

We’re starting to see the holiday decorations going up around us making our homes more festive. Traditional décor and accessories are popular for the Christmas and holiday season.  Holiday decorating doesn’t need to be so traditional that they change the look of how we live through the rest of the year.

 Modern Metallic Christmas --  For a show-stopping living room, you can't beat a shimmering silver colour scheme like this.


It’s important that you express yourself in the decorations you choose – whether you’re decorating inside or outside your home. If you don’t want to restrict your decor only to the holidays, choose a scheme that celebrates modernism with holiday cheer.

Here are 5 modern holiday decorating ideas you can use this year. Remember the sky’s the limit and it is only up to your personality and imagination.

Celebrate Mother Nature – Go Natural

Christmas decorations are often a bright red and green highlighted with white. Celebrate Mother Nature and consider using natural décor that will last. Berries, topiaries and branches will look modern and festive, but they’re not holiday specific. Carefully chosen natural elements can be a permanent part of your home décor like tree branches in your entry or hallway.

Dress your branches and greenery with lights and ornaments for more holiday sparkle. Choosing one color of lighting like white keeps them neutral and you can use them the whole season for some ambient lighting.

You can make greenery baskets by grouping together a few seasonal items including bits of greenery, twig balls, wood pieces, and some leftover ornaments. Put one basket on each of your entryway steps or leave one by the front door.

Choose Nontraditional Colors

Different shades of red and green popped with hot pink can be the perfect choice as nontraditional colors for the holiday season. Decorate your Christmas tree with a combination of these colors and maintain the balance by bringing the same colors throughout the home. Update the décor of your interiors with small changes, adding colored throws and pillows.  Keep the color palette simple to maintain balance and harmony.

Choose either green or white Christmas tree and embellish it with lights, ribbons, garlands, and ornaments – all in different shades of these colors.

Simple color combinations are best for year round décor. Red and brown, green and orange, turquoise and white, are just a few. Spice them up with silver, gold and brass accents to bring in more holiday spirit.

Rich berry shades always make a room feel warm and welcoming, but against a matt charcoal backdrop, this living room looks chic and contemporary too.

Dress the Table

Table decoration is an integral part of holidays. A menorah and cluster of pitchers can make an informal centerpiece and remain on the table through the season. A white tablecloth combined with white fresh flowers and pottery will give the setting a relaxed look. A lively patterned runner on a basic white tablecloth adds color, texture, and warmth. Add interest with intriguing levels by using pitchers of different heights.  Pitchers of different finishes and napkins of various prints add character to the setting. The Topazio table sculpture from ‘Thingz’ would add another dimension to the table. These magnificent, sculptures are an easy way to add height and dimension to your holiday table.

Divine Dining

During the holidays, people celebrate with their loved ones. Family dinner is the culmination of the holiday season. The dining room should look its best and invite your family and friends to sit down and enjoy. Personalized accessories and ornaments will make each person feel special.

The lighting overhead, garland strings draped about, and the colors and patterns in the dining room settings give a festive and warm touch. The décor can be made more cheerful by adding three or four spiral candle holders and a decorative couture mirror over the fireplace mantel from ‘Thingz’.

Lovely red and white with bits of sparkle and shine for a contemporary holiday.

Outdoor Decoration

Outdoor decoration is no less important in a holiday décor scheme. However, you can make it more contemporary this year by keeping it simple. Carry the same décor you have used inside to your front porch. Potted trees decorated with berries, lights or Christmas ornaments in a single color scheme makes the look more streamlined. After the holidays you can take off the baubles and have a great look for the rest of the year.

You can also make greenery baskets by grouping together a few seasonal items including bits of greenery, pine cones, and some leftover ornaments. Put one basket on each of your entryway steps or leave one by the front door.

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