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10 Contemporary Chanukah Decorations

Posted on December 03, 2013

Chanukah is here and we love the festive atmosphere so many have created for their friends and family during the Festival of Lights! These decorations are contemporary, creative and elegant.  Here are our favorite modern looks for the Chanukah holiday. Enjoy your festivities and have a wonderfully stylish holiday!

1. A Warm Welcoming Menorah

This modern manzanita-branch menorah adds warmth and style to your dining table. Sprayed silver and trimmed with candles, it’s welcoming and stylish.
A Warm and Welcoming Menorah

A Warm and Welcoming Menorah.

2. A Contemporary Rustic Lighted Star of David

For a modern rustic look, this illuminated Star of David is understated yet festive. Wood branches were used to create the Jewish star and white lights create a warm glow. This is an imaginative way to celebrate the holiday.
A Contemporary Rustic Lighted Star of David

A Contemporary Rustic Lighted Star of David.

3. Gelt Garland and Gold Painted Wooden Letters

The fireplace mantel is always a good place for holiday decor. Traditional gelt garlands hung across the mantel catch the light from the fireplace. We love the combination of white and gold for this festive décor and letters spelling “Miracles” to remind us what this holiday is all about.
Gelt Garland and Gold Painted Wooden Letters

Gelt Garland and Gold Painted Wooden Letters.

4. Simple Sophistication

This simple table setting with pewter plates and blue napkins looks great with a few silver embellishments at each place setting. The silver and blue become warm and subdued in contrast with the chocolate brown tablecloth.
Simple Sophistication

Simple Sophistication

5. Olive Oil Lights

Olive oil lights in glass jars and bottles of different sizes take on a very modern eclectic style. They are transformed into something new and contemporary in this arrangement and a little light! Centered on a metallic plate, they glisten as the candles are lit with blessings.
Olive Oil Lights

Olive Oil Lights

6. Glittered Dreidel Centerpiece

Glittery dreidels in a glass jar create a nontraditional and festive decoration. The different shades of blue with bits of silver pick up the light through the glass for a contemporary Chanukah centerpiece. We’ve seen them with gold accents as well in glass bowls and other unique glass vessels. No matter the shape or color, they are all stunning.
Glittered Dreidel Centerpiece

Glittered Dreidel Centerpiece

7. A Dinner Table Set With Blue Accents

This table is set with care and is warm and inviting. The minimal use of colors in this tablescape makes it truly contemporary. In this picture, the host uses varying shades of silver with a grey blue to represent the holiday accented with white. Square plates create a more modern look and the lit votive lights in the center make the glittered stars sparkle.
A Dinner Table Set With Blue Accents

A Dinner Table Set With Blue Accents.

8. Modern Menorah

For this family, Chanukah is rich in tradition. They blend long-standing Chanukah traditions with sophistication and style. This contemporary artistic glass menorah glows with the candlelight. White and gold with blue accents for the décor set the mood for the festivities.
Modern Menorah

Modern Menorah

9. A Gelt Table Runner

Gelt as a table runner is a fabulous idea! Adding lots of shimmer and a rich texture to the table, this decorative accent makes the table stand out. With glass, crystal and the candlelight from your menorah, this table runner will light up the space.
A Gelt Table Runner

A Gelt Table Runner

10. Chanukah Floating Lights

These floating lights in this bowl are a great alternative to the traditional candlesticks. With a single light lit for each day of Chanukah, the water and glass glimmer from the candlelight. Classic yet contemporary, it creates a beautiful statement in your table.
Chanukah Floating Lights

Chanukah Floating Lights

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