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10 Contemporary Christmas Decorations

Posted on December 16, 2013

Decorating the home for the holidays is always a treat. Part of the fun is seeing what others have done with their home. There are so many great contemporary Christmas looks out there as decorations get more chic and trendy. With Christmas right around the corner, unless you are Martha Stewart, ready to whip out amazing decorations overnight, take the time to appreciate and enjoy the work of others. Secretly you can be thinking how you’d like to create some of these for yourself next year!

Areaware Infinite Tree

Designer Johannes Molin has given these classic conifers a thorough and modern treatment. The measurement from the golden ratio has been used in their design. These Beech wood infinite trees look simple but can enhance your Christmas decor. Because of their small size, they can easily find their way onto the mantel or bedside table.
Areaware Infinite Tree, modern Christmas decor

Areaware Infinite Tree, modern Christmas decor.

Christmas Wreath

This wreath gives a modern touch to your space by going away from traditional evergreens. Accent pinecones and pops of bright color have done the trick. It’s made with a bunch of bright red ornaments combined with a trio of faux cardinals. The pinecones have been coated with gray paint, faux snow, and silver glitter. This wreath can adorn the wall above the mantel or the front door. Its silver color will reflect the snowy weather while the bright red pops will make a place cheery.
Love the pop of color among the white pinecones

Love the pop of color among the white pinecones!

Red, white, and green are the classic Christmas colors. So, using alternative colors in your decor can be a great way to shake off traditional flavor. Here, silver and blue baubles are displayed in cool ways. The vintage style birdcage and wire table add a jewel-like contrast while the rest of the gorgeous accessories bring festive glamour. This set-up can easily brighten a corner of your living room.
Beautiful baubles! Great for Christmas through the New Year's party!

Beautiful baubles! Great for Christmas through the New Year's party!

Christmas tree on the Wall

Have you ever thought of making a Christmas tree from “useless but pretty objects?” This festive wall adornment can be made from small ornaments and accessories that have been collecting in your home over the years. The combination of typography and different types of ornaments add graphical and dimensional depth to this place. Get out your collections of Christmas ornaments and attach them on the wall of your bedroom or your personal reading nook in the shape of a tree. Plus it’s great if you are short on space!
modern, space-saving Christmas tree!

modern, space-saving Christmas tree!

Dining Room Decor

Traditional Christmas colors are used in this dining room but the unique presentation of the accessories and the modern chairs give the room a modern vibe and holiday cheer. The rustic table, open shelves, and sleek chairs let decorations shine, while the red satin ribbons hanging from the chandeliers act as graceful simple accents. In addition, the holiday theme is enhanced by grouping the small paper Christmas trees together.
#Modern #Christmas decorations

#Modern #Christmas decorations

Card Display

Who does not love getting holiday cards from friends and family? Rather than just hanging them or propping them on a table, consider this simple tree!. This cardholder with instructions from Ambrosia Creative will solve this problem in a beautiful way. It is a minimalist display where the cards are held with a leather cord crisscrossed across a triangular plywood piece. With some holiday themed accessories, you can prop the cardholder on the mantel or on a table, or hang it on a wall.
#Modern Card Display

#Modern Card Display

Christmas Ornaments

Nothing can compare with a collection of colorful modern Christmas ornaments in candy colors! These vibrant modern ornaments can invoke the magical holiday memories of your childhood. With proper arrangement, hang these ornaments with beautiful ribbons in the middle of the living room or above the center of the dining table as an alternative to the traditional garland!
#Modern #Christmas Decorating Ideas

#Modern #Christmas Decorating Ideas.

Dining Table Centerpiece

The feast-laden table is often left with little space for a centerpiece. So, save space by hanging this centerpiece above the dining table. The baubles and lights in silver, navy blue, and white colors lend elegance to this place. It can also be a smart and modern alternative to candles and holly while not blocking the guests’ view as they gather round.

#Modern #Christmas tablescape

Minimalist Dining Room

This dining room decoration is a nice example of rustic minimalist décor. It’s a perfect mix of Old World and modern style. The wooden floor, rustic table, and stone wall nod to the rustic style while the sleek chairs and the polished flower vase add a modern flavor. The deep purple Christmas ball accents are just right to complete the look.
#Modern #Rustic #Christmas table

#Modern #Rustic #Christmas table.

Mantel Decoration

Different materials are united for this modern decorated mantel. The traditional festive constellation has been updated by putting together aged metal, rustic wood, and glitter. These simple and chic accessories complement the modern fireplace and clean-line furniture and can look great for your New Year too!
#Modern #Christmas ideas

#Modern #Christmas ideas

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