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Trends in Scottsdale Furniture: Going Contemporary

Posted on December 26, 2013

So what’s new when it comes to Scottsdale furniture? It’s that season again: when trend spotters are eager to predict what the New Year will bring in terms of new ideas. Some predictions are more accurate than others of course. What’s more, buying furniture isn’t like buying a new outfit: trends come and go but good quality furniture needs to stand the test of time.

We’ve highlighted some contemporary ideas that are not only ‘on trend’; they should also complement any Southwestern living space.

Hair on Hide

For quite some time, hide rugs were confined almost exclusively to the wall or the floor. Something interesting has happened over the last few years though. Interior designers right across the country started applying this rustic staple to sofas. In a way, this was only to be expected as it tends to be resurrected as a style every decade or so. The next step though was rather novel. Hide rugs have started making their way onto chairs – and even consoles.

When it comes to decorating a Scottsdale living space, this look should feel right at home. There are designers out there that have produced some wonderful consoles featuring a dark wood base and a light hide top. You should even be able to choose between a ‘short’ summer or long and curlier fur. It’s the type of piece that will usefully complement any Scottsdale furniture collection. It also happens to be incredibly satisfying to the touch of course.

The Value of Crafts

Our love affair with intricate, finely crafted textiles doesn’t look as if it’s going to drift away any time soon. Expect to see traditional textiles featured heavily in design magazines throughout 2014 – not that you’ll need to be convinced of the beauty of traditional arts and crafts designs of course! Traditional designs have been an integral part of the Southwest palette for as long as anyone can remember. It’s refreshing to see that everyone else is now catching on to this.

Think Ochre and Yellow

Lots of designers talk about offsetting traditional and contemporary. The question is how do you go about doing this in a way that’s original – at the same time as integrating your existing collection of Scottsdale furniture? How about this wonderful combination of colors? Think of a classic ochre colored sofa. It should fit perfectly into a traditional style Scottsdale home. It will look great on its own; but why not give it an instant lift by incorporating an amber throw? As a variation on this, you can place your sofa in front of a set of stunning amber or yellow curtains.




Making the Most of Natural Materials

Rely too much on natural stone and your space could end up looking overly severe. Earthy stonework is likely to be highlighted in furniture in 2014 – especially when it comes to coffee and console tables. Is it time for a new coffee table in 2014? Take a look at the stonework surrounding your fireplace for inspiration as to what kind of piece you should be looking for.

Stone isn’t going to have all the limelight though: check out the Luna console table that comes with impeccable green credentials (it’s made from 100 per cent recycled steel). Getting the most out of materials sometimes means making sure they’re reused in an eye-catching way.

Rich Colors for Your Dining Room

More than any other room, the dining room is where we like to show ourselves in the best possible light. It’s a room for special occasions – and even for extravagance. Let’s face it. A stark minimalist look can often look out of place in an otherwise rustic Southwestern home. Expect to see dining rooms become more ornate in 2014.

In terms of specifics, rich colors will be the focus in dining room furniture. To complete the look, you’re likely to see much more in the way of ornate brass or chrome fittings with the legs and the handles coming in for special attention. An ornate, luxurious feel is likely to be much more in keeping with your existing Scottsdale furniture collection.

An eye catching, distinctive dining chair – sure to start a conversation. Thingz Contemporary Living

Mix and Match with Accent Chairs

Want to instantly play around with changing the look of your living space for 2014? Make it your New Year’s resolution to get a hold of an accent chair. An accent chair is perfect for giving your living room a new lease on life without necessarily having to replace your sofa.

Deep reds, orange and even purple are the colors to watch for in 2014. This type of accent chair will provide a wonderful contrast to the neutrals!

No matter which trend you choose, Thingz Contemporary is here to help you get your new year off right! Come in and see what we have in store for you!

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