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Furniture Trends for the New Year

Posted on January 13, 2014

We all like to be on trend and up to date with the latest look.  With the new forecasts coming out for the New Year, take a look at what speaks to you and your lifestyle.

With fabrics and finishes, we are still seeing a lot of geometric prints if the bold graphic looks are your thing. Though bright, bold floral prints will also be featured on new furniture pieces. We will see a lot of hand-crafted fabrics that will make furniture more unexpected and interesting. Circular shapes and curved lines are also going to shake things up from the usual conventional squares and rectangles. Shimmering metallic surfaces will add that touch of opulence to add to the mix along with the luxurious touches of silk and suede.

Furniture will become more functional, serving our needs with more storage and versatility. Technology driven design will accommodate our need to be plugged in to our computers and other devices. Specialty sleep surfaces will show increasing demand to provide comfort and a more restful sleep after a long day at work. If we can’t find the pieces we need to fit our homes and lifestyles, customized and custom-made furniture will continue to develop. Furniture designs will be more globally inspired and with an increasing demand for ‘green’ furniture made from sustainable materials.

Though we are seeing a lot of color for 2014, many hesitate about how this will work for them. The colors can be easily incorporated in bits and pieces to a more neutral palette. Perhaps some throw pillows with these bright colors in a bold print or a knitted throw with geometric lines introducing color? If you feel comfortable with it, run with it and consider a sofa as your focal or even an accent wall!

No matter what you choose, it’s all about how you will bring the new together with the old to make a look all your own! Need more ideas and inspiration? Come and visit us in Scottsdale or Tempe and chat with our staff of interior designers!

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