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Scottsdale Lighting Design Resource: In-home Consultations

Posted on January 20, 2014

We all need a helping hand from time to time. When it comes to home lighting, most of us have a general idea of how we’d like our living spaces to look. We might even take inspiration from home décor websites and magazines for some ideas on how to get our lighting plan right. The problem is that when we try and do the whole thing ourselves, it doesn’t always end up looking quite how we imagined.

Where do I get help?

What we don’t want to do is spend lots of money on individual lighting pieces, only to find that they don’t work together in the way we imagined. Fortunately there are things you can do to avoid this. First off, go to an interior design store where the staff actually know what they’re talking about! Better still… head somewhere that offers a design service. If there’s an actual interior designer in store who can tell you what to do (and, equally as important, what to avoid), then you could end up saving a lot of time and money.

For Scottsdale lighting, Thingz has all of this. In fact, Thingz does one better… we offer an in-home consultation service. If you want us to, one of our interior designers will come to your home and make recommendations based on the particular characteristics of your living space. It’s one of the best ways of making sure you get the lighting plan that’s perfect for you.

What do lighting designers look for?

How did they do that? You might have wondered this when you’ve walked into a room where everything seems to feel just right. Great lighting design doesn’t come about by accident. Here are a few of the things interior designers look for when they’re deciding what lighting’s right for a particular space.

What goes on in a particular room?

You can’t be a great interior designer without finding out how exactly people use their living space. You need to get to the bottom of what the homeowners use a particular room for before deciding what kind of design will be appropriate. Take a lounge for instance. Reading, surfing the web on a laptop, music practice, homework, craft hobbies, book-club meetings or simply watching TV…the type and quantity of task lighting in a room should mirror what that particular room is actually used for – and crucially, the time of day at which those tasks are carried out.

Using ‘joined up thinking’

No two families are the same – and so far as Thingz is concerned, there’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ lighting solution. Many of our customers are looking for cool, minimal illumination to complement the look and feel of their living space. Just as certain themes will flow through a room, it helps if there’s a degree of consistency when it comes to lighting.

At the same time, you need certain types of light in specific areas of the room – either in the way of task lighting or else accent lighting (for instance, to showcase a piece of art or design feature). It’s the reason why monorail and track lighting systems prove to be so popular, especially in contemporary settings. You get the versatility of being able to integrate multiple lighting layers within a single flexible lighting system.

Here at Thingz, our design team can tailor a monorail system that’s perfect for your room – and for the way you use that space.

Considering the features of the space

Natural light is your friend – and a good lighting designer will help you get the most from it where possible. For instance, two homes could have identical kitchens so far as layout and contents are concerned. However, if one’s north-facing and the other’s south-facing, there’s likely to be a marked difference between the lighting solutions that are appropriate for each space.

North-facing rooms can be particularly challenging – especially if the room is decorated in darker colors. After an in-home consultation, a designer will be able to advise you not just on what lighting fixtures will work well, but also on what level of luminescence (‘lux’) will be needed to deal with problematic zones.


All our products – from the simplest of sconces through to our most elaborate chandeliers are handpicked to enable us to offer our customers the very best in quality and design. What are the practical implications of choosing a specific lighting fixture though? A designer will be able to help you with some of the more technical aspects of lighting design such as choice of bulb, positioning of switches and how to get the most out of your specific budget.

Points you might have missed…

Sometimes you have to actually be in a space and get a feel for it before you know what type of lighting arrangement is going to work. An architectural feature, alcove, line of ceiling coving or quirky layout of a room: sometimes these things have to be seen ‘in the flesh’ to know how they’re going to impact on your lighting plan. This is where a complementary in-home consultation from Thingz really comes in useful.

Stop in and speak with one of our knowledgeable interior design specialists to find a lighting solution that will work for you.


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