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Our Academy Awards of Furniture: The Oscar Goes To?

Posted on February 24, 2014

With the 86th Academy Awards upon us, we decided to have a closer look at the winners in home design of 2013. Although we can’t have Ellen DeGeneres host or Christian Bale take the stage, we will be happy to introduce you to our favorites. Our winners come from the following categories: Best Sectional, Best Dining Table, and Best Lighting. Outperforming the others, these three Oscar winners deserve your applause and their moment on the red carpet. So get your camera out and jot down these stars who would love to be showcased in your home. The Menlo Park Sectional, the Custom Izzy Dining Table, and the Lenka Chandelier are all waiting for their big moment.

Best Sectional: Menlo Park Sectional

It was a hard decision but the Menlo Park Sectional gets the Oscar. This modern set is by American Leather. Using playful curves to lure admirers in, this couch would like to thank Rick Lee, its designer who made this all possible. This sectional includes three pieces a chair, a bed, and an ottoman. Its versatility is inspiring which helped it secure this number one spot. You can order it in leather, fabric, or Ultrasuede®. Contrasting pillows make it visually pleasing and metal legs trick the eye to think it’s floating in air. No magic trick here, this Menlo Park Sectional is contemporary and modern. With matching curved bookcases in espresso, acorn and walnut finishes, you can’t compare this item to any on the market. The Menlo Park Sectional will seat people comfortably and is perfect when entertaining. A lifetime warranty on the frame and suspension add peace of mind. Place this gorgeous home staple on hardwood floors or white carpet to really show it off in the spotlight.

Best Dining Table: Custom Izzy Dining Table

Beauty and comfort can be achieved when you enjoy the custom Izzy dining table. Awarded the Oscar for Best Dining Table, this uniquely shaped piece has its competitors trailing miles behind. A huge edge this piece has is the ability to be customized. Not only can you choose the wood, you can also choose the metal finish. Five wood finishes create lots of applause and the dining table can accommodate six people. Customized, it can be made to seat up to nine people! Adding a bench to the mix creates a unique anomaly and is perfect for creating an “open” look. Straight backed chairs keep this Izzy dining table from looking too relaxed and it will be at home in a formal dining room. As one of Thingz “signature items,” the Izzy works with any contemporary home. Add a modern chandelier or track lighting above and you’re ready to dine in Oscar-winning style.

Best Lighting: Lenka Chandelier

Shining brightly, awarded Best Lighting is the Lenka Chandelier from Eurofase. Sparkling with crystals is this magnificent light that will entice guests. Known as the 90-light Chandelier, the Lenka is a mix of contemporary style and glamour. Looking at it makes you dream of the stars and galaxies. It would be an amazing light in a ballroom if you are lucky enough to have a large space for dancing. Full of sparkle, it would look good in most any space. A master bedroom could benefit from its brilliant illumination and makes a great focal point in your formal dining room. As our winner for Best Lighting, the Lenka comes in at 55” inches in height and has a 108 inch cord for hanging. The Lenka also comes with three 36 inch rods. The finish is shiny chrome and it’s made of crystal. Allow this energetic explosion to take up residence in your home…you won’t regret it.


Thank you for joining us as we showcased the very best in home design for 2013. We are always on the lookout for best and the brightest new products, giving you the latest in contemporary furniture and lighting. Enjoy the real Academy Awards on March 2nd!

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