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Spring Fashion: What colors are hot this spring?

Posted on May 07, 2014

Fashion and interior design have been influencing each other for centuries, but these days the worlds of fashion and decor are colliding. Rather than waiting to see how fashion affects furniture designs, both worlds are engaging as creative minds are joining together with social media force.

Today when collections hit the runway, reporters, photographers and bloggers are sharing the events with their readers and viewers. With instant images streaming through social media to your favored device, fashion no longer drives the world of interiors, the two are now working together.

Homes are becoming a reflection of our personalities and how we dress with more colors and more options. While colors and trends will continue to change with each year, you shouldn’t feel obligated to completely refurnish or repaint each year. Consider using neutrals as a baseline classic and accenting with the trending colors. Homes should suit your way of living, tastes and lifestyles.

Neutrals this year are more than basic, they are often interesting enough on their own for an entire look, but can easily be paired with a brighter color for more pop. There are different ways to interpret what is trending this spring and how to make this look all your own.

Violet Tulip and Radiant Orchid are two colors that work well together complementing and contrasting with several shades and hues in between. You will often see these colors being integrated with Paloma and silver accents for a very subtle combination. They can also take on a more vibrant appeal with Hemlock as the neutral.

Blue as a color has become a staple from a classic navy blue to the shade of your favorite washed out jeans. Placid and Dazzling blues are no exception. They can bring bright bold drama to a room or take on an accent seat when mixed with any of the other neutrals like Sand, Hemlock or Paloma. They can also provide balance to a room that uses the brighter spicier Cayenne, Freesia & Celosia Orange.

No matter what color you choose, it should be about you and what you like, what is pleasing to your eye. Come in to Thingz and find the pieces that will help give your space harmony and balance for your “season of colorful equilibrium.”

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