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High Point Furniture Market Goes Contemporary!

Posted on May 27, 2014

The High Point Furniture Market is the New York Fashion Week of interior design where the brightest and the best in home decor and furniture are on display. The Spring 2014 Market Style Report covers all the biggest trends at the Market. Designers such as Meredith Heron and Gary Inman highlight trending contemporary furniture and share their insights as to what are the up and coming looks. The latest styles focused on details, the colors blue and green, unique fabric prints, lacquer and unique shapes and forms. Here are some of the pieces offered by Thingz that are on trend that you can easily add to your home!

Multi-Purpose – Bar Elegance

Furniture is being designed for full functionality in the most elegant packages! Pieces that are meant for one purpose can always be re-tasked or even serve more than one function. This svelte little bar is glamorous and sophisticated as a mini corner bar, but when not in use, it can tuck neatly away and serve as an additional mini serving station or countertop in your dining room. Customize this piece with your choice of metal finish and fabric color or print. You can go with one of the brighter colors trending this season or choose something more neutral. High style multi-tasking has never looked so good!


Standout Colors This Season: Blue and Green

Blue and green were standout colors at this season’s High Point Furniture Market. Shey Geyer mentioned brightly colored chairs with blue and green as standout colors. Aventura side chair is an example of the shapes we are seeing on trend. Though this is shown in a custom emerald green fabric, this chair could be upholstered in a color that will match your décor, fabric or leather. It can be used in a living room as an accent chair or as a set of comfortable dining room chairs. Greens are making an entrance into the contemporary furniture scene and you’ll find them coloring walls, art, and furniture pieces. Other colors to be on the lookout for include chartreuse and hot pink!


Unique Prints on Pillows & Other Fabrics

Plain fabrics won’t be seen in the contemporary realm these days. Unique prints and patterns are where contemporary furniture is headed and we love it. Make a statement with prints and textiles that have a handmade quality whether it’s a pillow or upholstered chair that has hand drawings turned into fabric motifs or applique! A key to using printed fabrics in your modern home is to mix and match them. Pull solids from your prints to coordinate the entire look.


Totally Tufted

Often seen as a symbol of tradition and aristocracy, tufting is taking on a new look. Designers are mixing things up and having fun transporting this element to other forms. There are no more rules regarding proportion or color. You will find tufting in unexpected places giving this well-known classic a contemporary spin. Consider print and pattern options available on pieces like the Krustallos bed. Swarovski crystals make a glamorous statement. Get creative and think outside the box. The possibilities between pattern and fabrication allow you to show off your designer flair.


Visually Impacting Shapes and Forms

Contemporary furniture is eye-grabbing and different. It embraces architecture and unique forms. They are seeing more of a draw towards historical influences, art and nature. Modern shapes are coming together with more organic forms like in the Orchid Square dining table. The free flowing and organic base is balanced by the angled glass table top. This table is a great representation of current contemporary style. A unique shape and form add a sense of “newness” to a space.

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