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Modern Contemporary Furniture for Your Bedroom and Living Room

Modern furniture has a triple purpose: functional, aesthetic, and the possibility of visual manipulation of space. Some pieces give the impression of a larger room (transparent chairs and tables, made of polycarbonate), others visually raise the ceiling (step bookshelves). At the same time, they have multiple functional purposes. Modern Contemporary Furniture For Living Room Select […]

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3 Biggest Interior Design Plans Popular Today

Interior design isn’t all about creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. It’s about pairing functionality with pleasure. Interior design plans should be suited to your household and your lifestyle. What works for a relative or a neighbor might not work for you. The right interior design plan maximizes your home’s assets and minimizes any shortcomings. Rustic […]

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Contemporary luxury living rooms

How to Use Contemporary Furniture as a Base for Other Decor Styles

It’s hard not to fall in love with contemporary design, with its clean lines and the perfect combination of form and function in an on-trend package. We’ve all spent time admiring a contemporary piece of furniture on Pinterest, in a magazine, or at friend’s house, resigning to the idea that it wouldn’t work in our […]