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LED Lighting: Color Temperature Makes the Difference

June 30th, 2014
LED lighting - Thingz Contemporary

LED lighting has come a long way in the past few years and is rapidly becoming more common in decorative, residential lighting. LED stands for “light-emitting diode” and it converts electric currents directly into visible light. Using only 15-20 watts and less heat, LED lighting is an efficient lighting option and has become a recent favorite of homeowners that are looking to go green and save money.

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High Point Furniture Market Goes Contemporary!

May 27th, 2014
Standout Colors - Thingz Contemporary

The High Point Furniture Market is the New York Fashion Week of interior design where the brightest and the best in home decor and furniture are on display. The Spring 2014 Market Style Report covers all the biggest trends at the Market. Designers such as Meredith Heron and Gary Inman highlight trending contemporary furniture and share their insights as to what are the up and coming looks. The latest styles focused on details, the colors blue and green, unique fabric prints, lacquer and unique shapes and forms. Here are some of the pieces offered by Thingz that are on trend that you can easily add to your home!

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What Happens in the Las Vegas Market … comes back to Thingz!

May 16th, 2014
High-Impact Furniture - Thingz Contemporary

Thingz finds the best furniture, lighting, and home décor with a truly unique style, made for contemporary living. Contemporary styling is about current pieces that are designed for today’s homes. Our buyers attend markets year-round to buy the latest introductions and bring them back to Thingz! We search for modern and contemporary designs that help us bring together the interior design looks that you love and enjoy! Contemporary style is sleek, but it’s also casual and eclectic with an emphasis on comfort. Industrial and rustic touches can be balanced by organic and artistic pieces. Create your look with our in-house design experts and take a look at a few of the new pieces you will see in store from the Las Vegas market.

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Sale Items May 2014 – Tempe

May 9th, 2014
Photos - 2877

We need to make room for our new introductions from the High Point Furniture Market and we’ve got a lot of great deals for you!  Keep in mind that our sale items will sell quickly.  We cannot guarantee their availability as once they are gone, we are out of stock!

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Sale Items May 2014 – Scottsdale

May 9th, 2014

We need to make room for our new introductions from the High Point Furniture Market and we’ve got a lot of great deals for you! Keep in mind that our sale items will sell quickly. We cannot guarantee their availability as once they are gone, we are out of stock!

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Spring Fashion: What colors are hot this spring?

May 7th, 2014
Spring Colors Infographic - Thingz Contemporary

Fashion and interior design have been influencing each other for centuries, but these days the worlds of fashion and decor are colliding. Rather than waiting to see how fashion affects furniture designs, both worlds are engaging as creative minds are joining together with social media force.

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Home Décor Choices: Glass Dining Tables or Wood (or Metal)?

April 28th, 2014
Passion Fade Dining Table - Thingz Contemporary

What kind of impression to do you want to give in your dining area? Whether you’re looking to make a statement with a piece of furniture that sits at the cutting edge of contemporary design, or perhaps looking for something a little more simple and homey, you’ll need to give thought to the table material.

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Ready for leather furniture? Test you knowledge! [QUIZ]

April 14th, 2014
Barnet Sectional

Leather furniture is considered one of the ultimate luxuries. There is something about leather that makes a home look and feel rich. You can just imagine yourself coming home after a long day at work, looking forward to relaxing on the smooth comfort of leather. You’ve worked hard and deserve to treat yourself to a beautiful new piece, but are you ready for leather furniture? There are so many choices available. It’s hard to know what is best for you.

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Contemporary Arizona Homes: Beyond Southwest Style

April 7th, 2014
Mountain Mansion interior - Thingz Contemporary

Arizona has a rich history that has influenced our homes and our style today. Pueblo styling and Mexican and Spanish influence are what we often think of with Southwest style, but with inspirations from Frank Lloyd Wright, Arizona homes have their own unique contemporary style. Inspired by the desert landscape reflecting elements of the past, contemporary Arizona homes are the style of today moving beyond Southwest style. Check out these luxurious and beautiful homes that define contemporary Arizona style:

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Ceiling Fan Guide: What is the right size fan for my room?

March 26th, 2014
Ball Hugger - Thingz Contemporary

A ceiling fan is there to make your life more comfortable; allowing you to get on and enjoy the room where the fan’s situated. If you get the wrong size ceiling fan for a room, then quite simply, it’s not going to look or feel right. If the fan is too small for the room, it’s not going to move enough air to keep you feeling comfortable. If the fan’s too large, it could move too much air and be overpowering.

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